Monday, July 23, 2012

The Value of Trashy Novels

On Friday evening when we were out with friends - the conversation came 'round to Fifty Shades of Grey ............. I said it reminded me very much of a Harlequin romance - not sure if the reference would mean much to the younger couple sitting opposite W and I.   (as a side note - when I went looking this morning for an image for today's blog - I was surprised that Harlequin is still around - and - OH MY GOD ! - they are available on Nook - and I am guessing my Kindle as well - go figure!!)

I characterized Fifty Shades as a Halequin Romance type book.  Lots of money - lots of hearts and flowers - a dark side - and will - probably - end (as do all Halequin Romances) with a "happy ever after". 

It's being classified as "mommy porn" which amuses me as well as confuses me...... do only "mommies" need some spice in their lives? or is it an age bracket they are referring to???

Well I am not in need of "mommy porn" - and I do know a bit more about BDSM and spankings than it appears the author does - I find the book tiring - much like I found Harlequin romances tiring........ and predictable.

Having said all those negative things (oh and just so you know - I am slogging through the last book of the trilogy ) I find the books affecting me more than I originally thought they would (after the first steamy paragraphs that sent me looking for my "toys")

I am speed reading through the trilogy - mainly because it is pretty repetitive - every other page has a "steamy" interlude of sex......and they do seem to use sex to fix the problems of the world ....... while my eyes are skimming the words - my mind is creating MY story - something much darker and more exciting - for me anyway. 

Snippets that stay with me - that are blossoming into my own fantasy world include (and please note these are in no special order of importance)

* doggie style sex
* restraints used during sex
* sensory deprivation - sight and sound (YUM)
* rough sex
* erotic / sensual spankings/beatings
* dresses with no panties underneath
* lectures for misbehaving 
* orgasm control and orgasm denial
* firm hand wrapped in the hair tilting the head back - 
* oral sex 

The rest of the verbal diarrhea that passes for a novel - shrug - I couldn't care less about.  The hue and cry that the vanilla world is going to see only the screwed up damaged characters in this book - shrug - doesn't affect me in the least.  This book is billed as fiction - and as such has no bearing on the reality of this lifestyle.

Yes yes it would be nice if someone would write a BDSM based book that shows we are all normal people - BUT HEY - how "normal" are we to vanilla folks who never swat even a mosquito - never mind beat their partner's ass????   AND as I have always said - boring BDSM doesn't sell anything - newspapers or books - or movies.  

The fact that trashy novels add some spice to a relationship....... I'm all for that..... hell even my jaded life has become a little more interesting... a little more spicy .... a little more hot because of the fantasies Fifty Shades of Grey are percolating in my demented mind. 

Here's to Trashy Novels and all the fantasies they inspire!




  1. Warned you! lol
    Liking it to a Harlequin Romance is being generous (in my opinion)

    However, like you, it DID allow my mind to wander to far more "spicy" ideas! lol

  2. I'm sorry, morningstar, (actually not sorry at all), we all need to pause and await your definition of "normal people" as it applies to you.

  3. Anonymous10:44 pm

    I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who sped through those books.

    /sigh it started off so well, and ended... well lets just say the books bored me by the end.

    Next! I say.



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