Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Do you remember the lil girl who came to my office, climbed up in my lap, in the "big comfy chair" and cried silent tears as she told me how scared she was that her mommy would go up to the sky???

When I said goodbye to that lil one two weeks ago I wondered silently in my heart what her summer would be like.  BUT like all of us - once I got busy with my summer plans - with house shopping - and planning for retirement she slipped from my mind. 

I received an email yesterday from a colleague of mine -  "mommy"  died last Sunday. 



  1. This kind of thing must be so hard to cope with. I could not do your job.


  2. Don't blame yourself that you forgot about the lil girl and her Mom for a short time, they would understand why you did.

    Can you feel My arms around you right this instant??


  3. Surely do hope there is someone there for the little girl - someone who know how to give comfort.

  4. Anonymous10:55 am

    So sorry for you and the lil girl. There will be significant others in her little world to help her through this difficult time. You were there through out the school year and gave her the love and support she needed during the day.

    An 'easier thing said than done' is for a caring nurturing teacher to cut emotional ties with her students as the school year ends... It sounds harsh but for our families and our own emotional well being we have to let some things go and continue with our own life.

    My husband showed me that in my early teaching career when I brought home too much emotional baggage during the summer. It was hurting my own children who were young at the time.

    Listen to W and sending positive thoughts.


  5. one of the harder things about the work we do. Sometimes, our kids hurt -- and there is not one thing we can do to make it easier. We can't save them from the hurts. All we can do is to be there so that they know that there ARE people in the world who will be there and hold them when hard things happen.


  6. I've lit a candle for her and her mommy and am sending both of you love and light from across the miles


  7. Anonymous3:10 pm



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