Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And more of the same

We are heading off this afternoon - back to Kingston - for some more house hunting/shopping.

Thankfully I won't have my laptop to bring with me - so I won't be tempted to tell you all about the "most perfect house we just found" ............ 

I was remembering this morning how many "duds" I saw before I found this one....... and all the "duds" were ok houses......... this lil house however was perfect.  So here's hoping there is the "perfect" home waiting for us in Kingston.

We will be attending yet another munch this evening.  I can't help but think Kingston has the most munches of any city I have ever been in!!!  When we finally get settled in we won't be lacking for BDSM company that's for sure !!

I'll be back on Saturday - unless the unexpected happens......... whatever the unexpected could be..............

1 comment:

  1. alyson6:28 am

    Sending good house-hunting thoughts your way!

    Obviously the last one wasn't "perfect" or you'd have it now. I'm sure you'll find something even better to move into :-) (And maybe the stairs won't be across from the door.)


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