Friday, July 27, 2012


I have mentioned before (many times) the influence my grandmother had on my life - especially when it came to superstitions.  Despite my 'education' and supposedly modern thinking - from time to time I will succumb to those old superstitions....... an open umbrella over someone's head in a house for example will have my fingers  itching to grab it away and close it up immediately.

A few years ago when I moved into my lil townhouse - I wasn't sleeping well.  I put it down to being alone in a big house.  However a friend who spent the night gasped when she saw the bed positioned across the doorway.  She introduced me to Feng Shui and explained the reason I wasn't sleeping was because of the chi moving across my bed during the night - moving from the door to the window.  I changed the direction of the bed and have slept fine ever since.  

Feng Shui became a "superstition" I wanted to learn more about....... and over the years have read articles on it and studied it ........... not to any degree .. but enough to know some of the terms and know some of the problems and fixes.

Fast forward to this summer.  I know most people do not want to hear about Feng Shui - even laugh at the principal and ideas.  So when we started our house hunt - I tentatively mentioned to W that I was going to look for a house that had good "chi".  He rolled his eyes and mentioned to our agent that he had better be prepared ....... *I* was gonna be feng shuing every house.   

The interesting thing to me was ..... our lil house that we found .. our lil quirky house in the midst of all the cookie cutter houses was the one house that even W said "had a good feeling about it - a good flow".  

Over the past few days I have been studying the pictures I took and checking for problems that might arise in the terms of Feng Shui. (and I admit it - itching to get into the house again and take some accurate compass readings and plot out the best placement of furniture etc)  I started to notice that the bedroom in the North East corner of the house had red in it ...... red curtains and red flowers on the bedspread.  I noticed that by the front door they have a table with a round bowl with some pebbles (I think it is pebbles) in it and a lovely green plant.  Here and there I am seeing good Feng Shui (or what I consider good  Feng Shui) in different corners and areas of the lil house.

I can't help but wonder if the flow of the house - the feeling that W got from the lil house the first time he set foot in it  - has to do with the Feng Shui.  

The one thing I do know is that the house is "facing" west and it has 2 ..count 'em.. TWO...... 8's in the address (very good luck) Hopefully my amateur dabblings in Feng Shui are correct........ and ya know what?? even if they aren't - if I believe the Feng Shui is working - if I believe that the chi in the house is good.......... then life is going to be GOOD in our quirky lil house in Kingston.


  1. I totally agree in the fact that if you believe that the chi is good... then it is good! It's all in our mindset... a lot like ttwd! ;o)

  2. If the energy feels good, it probably IS good. Describe your feng shui work... you are not the only person who dabbles in that realm.

    hugs, swan


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