Saturday, July 14, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to.......

Actually it was neither the "forum" or the "asylum" but a funny thing did happen on the way to the munch............ 

But we have to start at the beginning......... 

So going back to Tuesday.............. 

I had been busy getting bits and pieces done around here - like taking my car in for servicing - and then the netbook went tits up so I had to take it in......... I was just meandering through my days with nary a care because............... BECAUSE.......... W had said we wouldn't be going back to Kingston for more house hunting/shopping before NEXT week.

Then I am not entirely sure what happened - except my whole world got turned upside down.  Sometime Tuesday evening I read a cc'd email between W and the agents....... in it it said we would be arriving on Wednesday evening and would be ready to see houses on Thursday.  I shrugged it off figuring (see me not use the word "assume"??) that W was referring to Wednesday NEXT week.

However I was alert enough to fire off a quickie to him asking for clarification on which WEDNESDAY he was referring to.............. right -  you guessed it (and shame on you if you didn't get it right !!)  He meant THIS Wednesday .

While I was spluttering at this end - running a multitude of "must do" lists through my head - W added that there was a munch on the Wednesday night - we would do that as well.  Which meant I had better go RSVP for it - before I pulled together a hasty list of properties to see on the Thursday and send it off to both W and the agents.

By the time my head hit the pillow on Tuesday evening - I had RSVP'd (without paying any attention) for the munch - had pulled together 8 more houses to see on Thursday... packed a bag and fired off an email to my girls telling them I would be away in Kingston again.

We left here around 2ish on Wednesday and drove the 3 hours up to Kingston - checked into the hotel and then after a very brief rest we headed downtown to attend this munch / slosh - whatever the hell you want to call it.

As W and I were winding our way through tourists trying to find our way to the Irish pub - I asked innocently enough if he knew the name the reservation was in............ no he didn't.  Well we finally found the Irish pub (name in Gaelic and impossible to pronounce or spell) and wove our way through the terrasse tables - into the inside and wandered a bit aimlessly through the inside trying to spot a familiar face (yeah right !!)  

Finally a waitperson asked us if we needed help.  W announced we were meeting up with a group - didn't know - couldn't remember - the reservation name.  The waitperson looked at us as though we were speaking a foreign language - there were NO reservations for that evening, but she suggested we wander up stairs and see if our friends were there ............. 

We didn't see one kinky perverted person in the lot - until - as we were heading back to the door I recognised a woman from one of the munches we have been to....... (I think it was the lunch one we went to last week) and I marched up and said "Hi" ........ she seemed surprised pleased to see us and after the usual mundane hellos - etc......... I asked when the munch was.  "Slosh" she corrected (they appear to be a bit anal about terminology in Kingston) and said it was Thursday evening NOT Wednesday evening.  WTF??!!

I looked at W - but one should always remember Rule #1 in BDSM - the Dom is always right.  Of course it had been my fault that I had not double checked a) the reservation name and b) the date of this so-called slosh.  

We left the Irish pub and worked our back to an English Pub where we grabbed some food (not that good either) and then headed back to our hotel.  (The fun and games that happened in the hotel room will be disclosed in tomorrow's blog) 

We did however ........... finally....... make it to the slosh on Thursday evening............... met a whole bunch of new folks and a couple of familiar faces.  Had another less then stellar meal - and are fast learning the politics of this new BDSM community - feelings appear to get hurt just as easily - noses out of joint  just as easily - in Kingston, as in Montreal.  oh joy!!

It wasn't quite the comedic relief of a "Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum" but it was a bit humorous in a kinky sort of way.............


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