Monday, July 09, 2012

Colour me Blue

We heard at 9 p.m. last night that the deal we had in the works for our lil unconventional house has fallen through.......... the sellers lost out on the house they wanted.

Funny enough.... W said when I posted here that we had found something - that I had jinxed it...... and I guess I did.

So from now on not a word from me on house hunting............ not a word until the deal is signed sealed and delivered.  

So now it is back to the drawing board.............   


  1. Anonymous8:03 am

    So sorry to hear that...It means though a lovely home is out there waiting for you and W the perfect couple to find it.

    Good luck in hunting


  2. you didn't jinx this deal, it was in the cards long before we arrived on the scene.

    Our sellers should have placed a deposit down on the house they wanted... Also they should have been honestly will to sell and not just a fishing trip...


    ps: Someone removed the " SOLD " sign on the house here, think the town still wants Me here??

  3. I am sorry for the disappointment. I will believe that there is something more perfect waiting to be found.


  4. Must be wonderful to wield such power that a sale falls through from mentioning it.

  5. Anonymous12:09 am

    It wasnt meant to be yours. Something better and more beautiful is on its way to you :)


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