Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Hazy Summer

Being me - I love routines - even in the summer.  Over the years my summer routine has evolved into - having breakfast outside under my lil red umbrella with a good book (or not so good book).  When the sun gets too high and too hot I come inside and do some housework.  I usually go back outside around 2ish to read until dinner time.  Some days if I am feeling particularly lazy I will have a little afternoon cat nap curled up outside in my secret garden.

This summer has been a little crazy so far.......between trips to Kingston (which have left me emotionally and physically drained) and chores that got shelved until school finished and the tremendously high heat and humidity - I honestly haven't fallen into my summer schedule.  

Yesterday however I did find myself outside early morning sipping coffee and just enjoying the stillness around me....... I prayed none of my neighbours would be up at that hour - as I had 'snuck' outside in my pj's with my coffee.  Then I got to work cleaning this place....... it was in such sad need of a good cleaning - I am embarrassed to say I actually had "dust webs" !!!  By the time I was done - it was just too hot and humid to move outside.  The air conditioned house was the only place to be.............. 

The problem (in my opinion) with central air  is that the windows are never opened.... I seem to live in this artificial environment of soft whirring sounds and filtered air.  I never hear a bird chirp and or a kid laugh.  Late yesterday afternoon I realized I was going nuts from the quiet....... So once the sun was gone - I opened all the windows - turned the A/C off and just relaxed listening to the quiet evening music of the outdoors.

I read some more 50 Shades - and though I find the writing less than stellar - the 'juicy bits' remind me of when I was in my late teens early 20's and had discovered the "adult section" in the book shop.  I used to love to read the stories from Victorian England and stern "uncles" who chastised and spanked their wayward nieces.  Ana left a comment yesterday on my post about 50 Shades that pretty much nailed it.............. 

she said
I'm sure you'll enjoy them - sitting there making up your own stories in your head while they play along on the pages.

And that's what I have always done - read the lines and created - embellished the plot - with my own fantasies..........  I promise to keep you updated on the story line as time goes on........... 

Tomorrow W and I are going back up to Kingston.  It's just a one day trip though - so we are taking the train ......... the train is only - supposedly - 2 hours - so hopefully the trip will be less trying on both of us.........and who knows - maybe by Friday I will have something concrete to talk about re our house search.

One job I do have on my "to do" list for this summer is to start emptying  out cupboards and bookshelves and all the nooks and crannies and sorting out what to keep and what to donate to charity - combining two homes into one means a whole lot of "stuff" has to be gone before I move............. I am seriously considering putting the lil condo on the market come the fall......... 

And that's about it for Wednesday ......... a little of this and a little of that

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  1. Being you ... that's gotta be hard, thankless work; work that many wouldn't want to take on. That you do it so will is a testament to ... to... . Well, hell. A testament to something.


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