Tuesday, July 17, 2012

High Heat and Humidity

I don't read much during the winter months - well not for pleasure.  I do read lots of educational crap....... but my pleasure reading is saved for the summer.......... for those hot and humid days when there is no energy to do anything....... On those days I curl up under my red umbrella and read my days away.

W gave me a Kobo for my birthday ....... (Kobo is a Canadian version of kindle) and over the weeks/months prior to the summer I started downloading books - ready for my summer marathon of reading.

I had the trilogy "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" I also had a couple of James Patterson books downloaded and ready to go.  

Then I heard everyone talking about this book "Fifty Shades of Grey" including my eldest daughter who sorta kinda recommended it to me - MOM.  Mostly vanilla folks who pooh poohed the whole thing (though it amazed me they had read all 3 of the books - if it was that "disturbing") I heard folks in BDSM yawning over it...... 

Initially I had no intention of downloading it........ I didn't need another book of fantasy to amuse me........... BUT I admit I weakened and downloaded the trilogy.  

Since school has finished I have been devouring "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" when I read the last page of the last book I was left wanting more............. 

But yesterday (another day of high heat and humidity warnings) I opened up the Kobo and decided to pick another book and get reading..And yes you guessed it - I opted for Fifty Shades of Grey.  

At first I was bored - flipping quickly through the opening pages - thinking to myself that the book had been written for college kids....... a little steamy novel to amuse the 20 somethings...... probably the 20 something female sector.

And then I came to the part where the heroine is introduced to the red velvet room of pain...... and then to her consentual deflowering...........ummmmmmmmmm my imagination stirred........ ok ok I admit it - maybe more than my imagination stirred.

I didn't read much further than that juicy bit of the book - before putting it down for the day....... but it left me thinking....... 

Back in the day - BDSM made my stomach knot and made butterflies as big as elephants march around in my stomach.  There is something about an over active imagination to make the mundane more exciting - more thrilling - more seductive.  

I realized over the past few years I have stopped fantasizing about BDSM.... and I wonder if that is why the heat .... the desire.. the drive for BDSM has diminished.  Perhaps I need - and W needs - a little tantalizing fantasy to enrich our lives....... a little eroticism to bring back the heat and humidity to our relationship......... who knows?? 

I do know I will be reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy from beginning to end......... it's peaked my curiosity in more ways than one.


  1. I read them all.
    I shouldn't have.
    The BDSM aspect of the books are generic and trite.
    In my opinion.

    I hope you find it more stirring, I myself was left wanting.

  2. Could be an interesting train ride this week ☺


  3. Anonymous11:51 am

    Perhaps a lillte bit of fantasy role playing could spice up things. It workds for us.


  4. I'm glad I read the books because I wanted to know what happened to Christian and Anna - I won't re-read them though. A bit too predictable and if I heard one more time about his "long fingers" I was gonna scream! :-)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy them - sitting there making up your own stories in your head while they play along on the pages.

  5. Ordalie4:08 am

    Speaking of trilogies, I advise you to read "The Mayor's daughter draft pony" and "The Mayor's daughterII Stablemate" by Will Versuch to be found on Amazon.
    The third book will be issued in August.
    Want to know a bit more? Here it is:
    I first read that story on the Utopia site, an unfinished story: no sequel since 2010...The author drove his readers to tears of frustration for two whole years until one of them mentioned the book was on sale on Amazon!
    The author has since edited and improved its dark side.

    The book starts with the abduction of a young, rich and pretty teenager but you realize gradually the kidnapper is not a run-of-the-mill rascal intent on getting a quick ransom: the girl is subject to many ordeals and the man's imagination has no bounds.
    The girl is driven from glimmers of hope to complete desperation when he finally discloses his hidden and unbelievable motives.

  6. The only thing that bothered me was that it seems to be assumed that Christian wouldn't be quite so dominant if he weren't quite so troubled. Sigh. But then, I'm new to the scene, so maybe that's why they appealed?

    By the way? I think you meant that the book "piqued" your interest. "Peaked" is usually a level of excitement, and "peeked" is what a Peeping Tom does. Just FYI :)


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