Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poking the Dom......

I have a bad habit...... yes only one !!!

S&S have nicknamed it "poking the dom". I call it being a brat..... and sometimes (honest true!) I don't even know I am being bratty.

The male S purchased a new knife and S&S have been teasing me unmercifully with when it will be 'christened' on me. They said "after school is finished"....... BUT this weekend they spoiled me and did knife play on me both Friday and Saturday.

Over the years of knife play I have had more than one Dom threatened to cut my clothes off - for various reasons. BUT - it has never happened. (that is important to note because that is my point of reference for "threats" - they aren't followed through on)

Ok so Saturday we are at an all day .. all night play party. The male S was doing fancy knife work all over my body. Besides the knife pictured above...he also had an old Scout knife - handed down from his grandfather. That is the knife that had been used on me Friday evening. It was nice.. but honest to god - it didn't feel sharp at all !! At one point male S was teasing me with this scout knife and he was asking me how much I liked my black thongs I was laughing and said "I am not worried that knife wouldn't cut butter" (do ya see my first mistake??!!) S followed with pulling the thong out from my body (sort of a wedgy thing) and I was laughing and said "it just won't do IT!!" (or something along those lines)

The next thing I knew the knife cut through the thong - faster than a hot knife through butter....... and I was handed my thongs. OH MY GOD!! shocked is an understatement for my reaction...... embarrassment is pretty high up on the list too...

Thankfully I was wearing a dress and not just a corset..... so other than play times .. and who the hell looks then?? ... I was demurely covered.

Restik (another sub who plays with S&S) kept saying through out the day with this cheeky grin "so what did you learn from this lesson??" and laughing.

I can tell you what I learned..... two things - always carry a spare thong - just in case - AND - poking these Doms tends to bring about promised results.......


  1. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Just wanted to say hello and to tell you I just heard about your change in partners. I am truly sorry to hear that, but I do hope life is keeping you well


  2. Ha ha ha!

    Sounds like a fun lesson to learn!


  3. I hate empty promises and all of the resentment, frustration, and disappointment that comes with them. I can't tell you how happy I am for you that you are playing with people who mean what they say and say what they mean.


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