Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am definitely suffering from major 'anticipation' right now. Hell I feel like a kid at Christmas - "how many more sleeps Mommy?? huh?? huh?? how many more??!!"

Why you might ask is this anticipation worse than other weeks??


Last evening over coffee and Bailey's (cause yes I did survive the year and didn't kill anyone!!) S&S proposed something completely different....... something completely new.. something completely untried.

They are going to come here for dinner on Friday night ..... and bring r the other sub who plays with them.

But that isn't the good part........... (well yes that is good !!! but not the best part)

The best part is........... they said we would play privately here at the house !!!

There was lots of talk about my having to buy more thongs soon....... and talk about my having to buy new bras (!!!) and lots of hints and innuendos (probably mind fucks)............. but the trouble is I don't know (now) when they are mind fucking me and when they aren't.......... grrrrrrrrrrrrr (and I thought I was so good at managing mind fucks!!)

I couldn't sleep last night...... planning out all the stuff I have to accomplish today to be ready to entertain S&S and r for dinner. I have to get the meat into marinade...what to have with the meat??? rice ... potatoes - do I even HAVE potatoes??!! salad for sure.... I have to make a pineapple upside down cake (cause I promised them one!!)..... I have to get the house cleaned ... and the basement too cause everything has to be ready - just in case - ya know what I mean?? !! and I have to do the usual stuff like laundry.

So it is 5 am and I couldn't sleep - I think I will go make coffee and start laundry.. and check for potatoes... and and and......... everything has to be ready.......

One more sleep - one more !!

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  1. I love how excited you sound! It makes me feel giddy - I can only imagine how it makes YOU feel!

    Have a wonderful time! (as if I have to tell you that)


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