Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playing hard.....

Sir Steve wasn't up to going out last evening .... so at 8:30 Sir Siobhan and I headed out to a play party. I will admit to butterflies - because well .. this was new.. Sir Siobhan and I playing alone. I hadn't even brought most of the toys because I wasn't entirely sure she would use them/play with me. (ok I will admit that was one of my more stupid assumptions)

I am here to report we had a blast !!! So much fun !!!
In my past lives I have always been called the "toy test dummy" because I would always volunteer to have some new toy used on my ass. BUT last night was entirely different.

I didn't have any new toys used on me.. NO......... Sir Siobhan had been chatting with a new Dominant and he came to watch us play. While she was doing the warm up .. she leaned down and asked me if SP could finish the warm up. I had no problem with that at all. I mean how bad can a new dom be....... AND Sir Siobhan was there to make sure nothing went wrong.

The warm up went along well...... SP even got into the game we play "the number of the day" .........yesterday the number was 3 ....... so he would spank spank spank and then lay on 3 hard ones. Sir Siobhan taught him how it helps a subbie "deal" with a hard one if you immediately cover it with your hand and press inwards HARD. And SP passed the test - both by my evaluation and Sir Siobhan's.

The play continued - harder - and Sir Siobhan was in the driver seat again. BUT my quirt caught SP's eye and I am guessing (cause I wasn't included in THAT conversation) that he really REALLY wanted to try it.

So I offered up my ass for his edification. They both moved from the quirt to the paddles... and the worst that happened to me was at one point I got a small charlie horse and was whooping and hollering and rubbing it .. and dancing around the room.

The one thing though about being a demo tool for some new Dominant is ........ I didn't get the endorphin rush I live for.........not even a drop of endorphins. When we were finished and packed up and back downstairs cooling down........ I realized I was ok !!! I had taken about an hour of pain without endorphins and almost no white knuckles. It was amazing.

It was also a downer. I needed/wanted/craved my endorphins - Hell it was FRIDAY .. I am always jonesing real bad by Friday.

But Sir Siobhan wasn't finished either........ not much of a Top space for her. So it wasn't long before we were back upstairs and she was going for the high we both crave and need.

All in all I am here to report - the evening was a total success. What had started out as a maybe ok evening (in my mind) turned out to be a really fun time !!

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