Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Intimacy is as delicate as a flower petal

Intimacy is a whip held between two bodies, sliding up and down between the breasts, warm breath on my neck, whispered words, teasing words, a cheeky smile.

Intimacy is a blow from any toy and a hand quickly covering the hit zone, massaging, rubbing, coaxing one to relax into it, to climb on top of it, to fly away with it.

Intimacy is leather against naked burning skin.

Intimacy is a voice calling me ... telling me to look.... to stay here.... look again, stay with me.

Intimacy is being connected and the rest of the world disappears - even for a brief moment.

Intimacy is being pulled tightly into a warm embrace whispered words that everything is ok.. I am ok... I am safe.

Intimacy is a cup of coffee. an evening's chat, exchanged memories.

Intimacy is a look, a smile, a touch.

Intimacy is as delicate as a flower's petal......... soft and warm and sensuous.


  1. I hope you're achieving intimacy. Also, your post about the breaqup was touching. I think your hits increased because people care about you, especially when you're dealing with a problem.


  2. Intimacy...a secret whispered from one heart to another...and understood.

    Upton, who remembers, Ogood


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