Sunday, June 27, 2010


HUH?? or why I don't play and drive.

I woke up this morning in my bed....... it was 9:30 am and all I could think was "what the hell happened?"

Let me take you back to Friday evening.............

S&S were over with r and we played......... not very heavy - just some nice lil mummification....... and a wee bit of pussy torture (on me - not r - he doesn't have a pussy) When everyone was leaving I leaned into the male S and whispered "can we play hard tomorrow night please??? And he promised yes.

It felt like months since we had played hard - hitting, flogging, whipping, hard - that kind of hard. In reality though it had just been a couple of weeks - there are so many other ways to play dontcha know !!! I had moved past "jonesing" and was in the "I know I am missing something but what is it?" stage.

So we all went off to a play party last evening.......... and it wasn't too long before the male S had me in a play room over a piece of equipment going at my ass. At one point I think I was bitching and complaining and calling him all manner of nasty names when he pointed out to me I had asked for HARD play. Right .. shut up stupid one and just enjoy.

AND enjoy I did. I had this grin plastered to my face with each hit that sent me lunging across the equipment. It just felt so damn good ya know??!! It really didn't take long for the endorphins to kick in and I was floating out there .. somewhere.. safe and content in the knowledge that 1) I was getting just what I wanted 2) I was lucky enough to be in a 'family' that believes in "ask and ye shall receive and 3) that I could fly as high as I wanted safe in the knowledge that I was wrapped safely and tightly in a loving caring 'family.

Now usually S&S try to fit at least 3 hours of play in with me... last night they scaled it down to two. Two is good....... two is VERY VERY good !! After the last play time I was settled onto a sofa - enjoying the white noise around me.. enjoying the twinkling lights (hey !!! they were twinkling in my mind!!) and enjoying the burning ache in my body.

The male S came to me and in that sharp voice they get when they really need me to be in the here and now - he called my name and said that we were going home. I scampered up and collected up my toys, pulled my skirt on (no easy job when you are pulling it on over shoes with stars in your eyes!!) and followed them down the stairs. I do remember asking at one point what time it was............. I think the answer was 2 A.M. but honestly I don't know.

All I do know for sure is I woke up in my bed at 9:30 A.M. without any real concrete memory of how I got there.. and how in god's name did it get to be 9:30 A.M. - I do NOT sleep in !!!!

I do know that as today progresses - memories of last night will come floating back.. and I promise a more detailed Monday Morning report...

BUT this is why I do not play and drive!!!


  1. I agree entirely. Sometimes playing and being in charge of a pair of legs is risking it a bit :)


  2. Have you forgotten the time at JL's club when you drove home and didn't remember how you did it??

    It was then I wouldn't allow you to play and drive...

  3. @ Sir

    No of course I have not forgotten. S&S have never ever allowed me to drive myself anywhere...... as they are aware of how far out there I go and the risks.

    And that was in part what the whole blog entry was about - safety issues that one doesn't normally think of.

  4. @ Spankedhortic

    one of the sort of in jokes between the male Sir and myself is - after a play session - he will lean down and ask me which direction is up?? If I know that answer the next question is usually - do you know where your legs are (grinning)

    Sub space is an amazing place to be :)


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