Monday, June 07, 2010

words of wisdom

If you are expecting any pearls of wisdom from me today.. might I suggest you come back tomorrow at the earliest.

I don't exactly know what's wrong with me today.... even at my worst I sit down at the computer .. open up the lovely blank screen.. put my fingers to the keys and some words come spilling out.

I have tried three times today..... the words are there...... but they won't spill out.. they are stuck behind some sort of blockage.

Friday night I went to a munch and had good fun meeting up with folks I hadn't seen in years !!!!

Saturday S&S took me up north to an all day play party. Well maybe not an all day party - it started at 2pm and went to 3:am - I think. I know I was home in bed by 12:30. I know they both played with me four times... each time for over an hour.

Sunday we went to another day time play party .. again .. not really day time.. it started at 2:00 and closed up by 10:00 - we left at 9 (I think)

Sunday I learned I may not have any limits but my body does. Despite all their best efforts to keep bruising to a minimum.. icing and massaging.. the body just fell apart during the second hour of play.

Today...... well today I took the advice I give out to subbies about caring for their bodies after hard play.. Advice I realize I should have followed 4 weeks ago when I first started playing with S&S. I bought the biggest bottle of Arnica that I could find and came home and slathered my ass and legs with it.

Tomorrow the healing should be well underway... physically and mentally. Tomorrow maybe the words will spill out and fill the screen with some sort of wisdom...

Today....... there are no words.


  1. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Have a healthy recovery! You threw me off with that title.

  2. LOL Neo Dom Tom - I don't have words of wisdom?? or you were disappointed I didn't have any today??

  3. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Your only words of wisdom were that you had no words of wisdom. :)


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