Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy happy happy

Yes siree bob..... I am doing the happy happy dance - I am on SUMMER BREAK!

Yesterday - I did my OCD thing, labeled all the art supplies, put them neatly into the cupboards, packed up all the old files, put them in the storage room, answered my last few emails, changed my email to automatic response "I am on holidays till the last week of August", changed the phone message to "The School is officially closed. " (cause it is closed... that is.. won't be reopening in September - my new school will be opening in its place) ........ closed my office door, locked it, and walked out of the building grinning from one ear to the other.


And what you ask (I can hear your curiosity) are you going to do to fill the 7 weeks of summer holiday - won't you get bored??

The first thing I did - yesterday when I got home from school - was turn off the damn alarm clock !!!

I am going to sit outside every day the sun is shining and have my morning coffee in my pjs with a good book, I am gonna do the minimal amount of cleaning (cause the damn dirt will be there again tomorrow), I am gonna party, and laugh and enjoy life, I am gonna travel. I am gonna visit the Heron Clan. I am gonna drag my camera everywhere and take thousands of pictures. I am gonna visit with my grandbabies. I am gonna swim. I am gonna drink coffee with friends maybe even sitting on a terrace somewhere and watch the world go by.

I am gonna grab life by the tail...... and give it a damn good shake !!!

Wanna come along for the ride???


  1. Yes, but remember YOU asked LOL...

    Have a wonderful holiday especially taking all those pictures, I know they will be lovely!!

  2. @ Sir - ohhhhhhhhh I could say so many cheeky things.. but I will behave - yes I will behave (devilish grin)

  3. I am on my way over for coffee now ;)

    Don't forget visiting with daughters and son-in-laws ;)

  4. LOL @ Dae - shit do I have to visit with you guys too???

    Now I HAVE been outted.. did you all know one of my daughters reads my blog.. semi regularly?? Did you also know she is in the lifestyle too??? well semi in .. semi out..

    we're even now Dae (cheeky grin)

  5. You not being cheeky???? Have you had a virus relapse??? :-))

  6. LMAO @Sir

    ohhhhhh B I T E M E

  7. I totally didn't out you. You did that yourself ;)

    And whats to out? I read your blog from time to time... and right now I can only do so many things and reading your blog is one of them (aren't you lucky??)

  8. Good luck with that sunshine thing. I'm wishing our weather east.

  9. LOL thanks for the laugh...

  10. @ Bufflo

    YOU SOB..... don’t you dare send that crappy wet weather this way!!

    Mind you it’s so bloody cold here today I am dressed in sweats.... great start to my holidays !!

  11. Would love to see you if you can find the time.


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