Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Masturbation with pain

In case you haven't looked at a calendar - June is quickly coming to an end. June the month I live for.. the end of school - summer vacation... Yet it is also the month I dread....... the wheels tend to fall off the bus in this last month of the school year.. everyone - kids and staff alike - tend to try sliding into an early vacation. My stress builds - and I wouldn't say I turn cranky but I do tend to be more stressed - and that stress can find all sorts of outlets .. mostly crying and stamping my feet ..... and being VERY impatient.

Yesterday had been a particularly bad day and by the time I dragged my ass home I was grinding my teeth. I think someone should invent a "dial a dom" service. I needed something last night to ease the stress...... something = pain.

Over dinner I was fantasizing about this "dial a dom" when I realized I could conceivably create my own pain........ and pleasure.

Now I have to say this right up front.. when it comes to pain I can be a huge wuss. I can't flog myself or paddle myself - well I can - but not with enough passion to make it work. So over dinner last night - I plotted out a way to try and find some pain and pleasure mix to ease the stress - and the headache !!

In the past few weeks I have discovered that I could put nipple clamps on my pussy in such a way that the chain connecting the two clamps was woven over and around the vibrator....... and then.. well I am sure I don't have to draw anyone a picture - I get increased amounts of pain - without wussing out.

But last night I really did want more than that...... much more.

I thought of knives - hell I have been thinking of knives a LOT over the last 8 weeks or so. But the couple I have aren't as sharp as I originally thought when I bought them.......... then I remembered the wartenburg wheel.

The wartenburg wheel can feel like hundreds of needles plunging into soft sensitive skin ........ it can (if one is not careful) even cause some bleeding.

So I went and collected the wheel - and the clamps and the vibrator . Laid myself down on a towel on the bed (cause if it worked the way I planned - it could get messy) ... and got to IT.

I started slowly with the vibrator inserted and wrapped like a Christmas present in silver chain vibrating low and picked up the wheel. I started slowly running it over my breasts ....... going nowhere near my nipples - cause nipples hurt ya know !!

The wheel felt nice - NICE!! I wasn't looking for nice. I pushed a little harder as I ran it over my breasts... still nice.. I took a deep breath and ran it over my nipples. WTF??!! I couldn't feel it. Were my nipples dead??!! I pushed a little harder and got a spike of pain up into my left shoulder. OUCH .. dropped the wheel.

Ok try the wheel running down my stomach over my thighs heading for the clit. PROBLEM !! the chains and vibrator were in the way. UGH!! Besides I still couldn't seem to get just the right pressure to create enough pain...... and not drop the damn wheel.

In frustration I tossed the wheel onto the bed and just concentrated on the vibrator wrapped in the chain.

I will say I managed to "pleasure" myself ..........but not much pain. I had a nice hot bubble bath afterwards .. and can honestly say that the headache left and my stress levels had gone down a notch or two.

I guess there really is no substitute for a good dom with a good strong right arm.

Now if someone would just invent a "dial a dom" my stressful evenings might be more successful.


  1. IF ONLY!
    I've often thought that "Dial A Dom" would be wonderful.

  2. now there is an idea, Morningstar LOL

  3. Dial A Dom!?!? Where? Who has the number??

    Im with you on the pain thing. My life is soooo lacking.



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