Monday, June 28, 2010


From my end of the whip - Saturday night's play session felt very intense.

When Sir M (pay attention now !!! from now on Sir M will be the male Sir ........ and Sir F will be the female Sir - just so you know.) was playing with me the first time I was bitching and complaining (as I am prone to do during the first time) and He had leaned in and reminded me that I had asked for a HARD session...... I distinctly remember getting this grin on my face - cause I knew I was gonna get exactly what I asked for and there were no worries.

BUT it was the second session that was the hardest.. most intense.. and the one that kinda rocked me ...........

It was somewhere around the flogger time that I realized how hard he was hitting me... the sound of the floggers hitting me (two at a time) were reverberating through the club. I turned my head slightly and opened my eyes to see a rather large group of folks standing around watching............ AND.......this time it didn't matter to me in the least that it might be like watching a "train wreck" ....... I found myself thinking "this IS who I am !!! watch and learn" and in my mind at least I did a little ass wiggle at them all.

At one point I lifted my head slightly and asked "Please Sir - more and harder - please Sir !!" Sir M was more than willing to ratchet it up a notch or two - or three. The floggers were hitting with such force that I felt my body being jammed into the bench that was supporting my body....... and each time as they lifted from my back/ass / whatever - I would reposition myself for the next strike. Welcome it.. cry out for it. Hell at one point when Sir M had gone to using the one bigger heavier flogger the strike hit with such force that the bench I was leaning on skittered forward over the floor, my knees buckled, the lights danced brightly ...... it took me a while to find "up" and find my legs .. and get it all back into position for the next hit.

Intense - yeah!! Good yeah !! what I wanted - MOST definitely.

And as I have said before...... I can and usually do have multiple orgasms during the play sessions. Saturday was no exception. Well there was one big difference - something I noticed.

Usually to bring me to orgasm .. the Sirs have to use the implement of choice in a distinct pattern/rhythm...... and watch my body respond.. and judge.. and sometimes coax.......

On Saturday evening the rhythm wasn't as important as the strength of the hits.. the harder the better. The first orgasm that wracked my body - left me breathless and a bit shocked. I had cum from the sheer unadulterated pain. I found myself going WOW !!

The best one ever was when Sir F was going to town on my ass, Sir M was standing at my head going to town on my back.. and I felt the familiar tightening of the muscles deep in my belly, felt the tightness travel down my legs right into my toes, felt my body arching off the bench ....... straight up........ eyes closed - mind and body wrapped in the spasms that were shaking my world......... and there was one or two really hard hits - exclamation points I thought ............. and then Sir M was standing straight up - pulling me tightly into his massive chest, his arms holding me tight ........ and Sir F had come up behind me and had wrapped her arms around my quaking body - holding me tight ........... and I floated there for a minute or two feeling ............. there are no words to really do justice to what I was feeling..... safe........ loved........ valued...... all of that and more !!!

And that is not to say we didn't have our moments of comedy - peels of laughter. Once when Sir M placed a hit that managed to catch my shoe and pull my toes (which had curled ) out of the shoe.. and while he continued to hit I bent my leg up and wiggle the shoe until I could get my toes back into it.. not missing one hit........ though it looked a bit odd to see me with my leg bent up almost around my ear while I tried to get the toes back in........

Another time a strike had gone a little astray and I had yelped.. and Sir M came up to my ear and was asking where ??? and I stuttered and stammered trying to find a demure way of telling him........ finally settling on .. It hit my jewelry..... and we both laughed...

But this Saturday evening I was left with one word........ "intense" ...... It had been hard........ I think the hardest yet ......... and it was amazing !


  1. OK, this may be none of my business but my curiosity wont let it go...... Why do you call a female dominant "Sir", which is a gender specific title rather than Mistress of Ma'am?
    Just asking' :)

  2. that should be "Mistress OR Ma'am" not Mistress OF Ma'am.... sorry, my bad.

  3. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Well, I am the "Sir" in question...
    My title was earned from the gay leather community years ago. I love my title. I do understand that it is a mind fuck but.....

  4. r - LOL

    You should see what happens when I get tongue tied and call her "Ma'am"


    no you probably don't want to see..

    and thank you Sir for responding...


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