Saturday, June 05, 2010

Whip Review

Last weekend when I was up in our Nation's Capital at a private party, I played with someone new......... no no not new new.. just a new play partner.

He had a brand spanking new - never been used - whip. I rather liked the colour - green and black. I am funny that way - I am quite often drawn to the colours rather than the implement. (Isn't there some squawky bird that is attracted to bright colours?? )


It wasn't the first time I have had a whip used on me. But the past experiences (excluding the circus whip and the vegan whip) haven't left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. In fact most of the time when I have been the victim of a large bull whip type whip - I have landed up with ouchies and marks that weren't meant to be there... In fact those were the times that I heard dominants go "OOOPS" which in my humble opinion is NOT a good thing.

He wanted me standing straight up.... braced by a spanking bench. I had my orders, don't react to the pouffff of the hair... but give him a thumbs up when the whip just touched my skin........ kissed it softly.

It felt like forever before I even felt the pouffff of the hair - never mind the soft kiss against my skin.

And then the stars were all aligned correctly and I felt the first sting of the whip across my back. BACK??!! WTF?? I really would have been happier if we started with my ass.. that is used to stingy biting lashes........ my back - not so much. But when one is standing - braced against a spanking bench - one doesn't get a whole lot of say where it starts.

There was one "misfire" where the whip wrapped around my neck and caught my collar bone - another one of those Dom's "ooooops" moments. And I can say - an oooops with a bull whip hurts like a bitch !!!

But we didn't give in... and back to standing straight... hearing the hiss of the snake - no wait - that was the hiss of the whip - just before it cut across my back and then later my ass.

I was just getting lulled into a sense of "DAMN this is feeling wayyyyyyyy too good" when there was this horrendous CRACK - I thought someone had been shot !!! But before I could react one way or the other the whip cut across some part of my anatomy. I realized (duh moment) it had been the whip making that crack.

Now I am sure - those more experienced in whips than I am - treasure those cracking moments. Me?? - not so much. I rather like quiet play times without the loud bangs that raise me from my reverie - thank you very much.

And the more I thought about those loud cracks........... and the more I thought about the sensations from the whip....... the more I came to the conclusion that a whip is more for the Dominant than the sub.

BECAUSE (you knew I was gonna give you a "because" right??) the crack of the whip... a loud cracking BANG in the quiet of the night ....... draws massive amounts of attention to the Dominant. Honestly no one spares the subbie more than a glance when a whip cracks - everyone's eyes turn to the noise and the person who created such a shock wave. Right then and there I came to the conclusion that the whip is a "show man's " toy. (and I mean absolutely NO offense to those whip lovers out there)

The other conclusion I came to...... is that the whip parallels the pain I get from the quirt. Now I love to hate the quirt. It cuts. It stings. It finally - eventually - hurts sooooooooo good. Much like the whip did. Just without the loud cracks that break the sound barrier.

I think I am a quiet player (ok ok - everyone who has played with me.. or watched me play - I know I know !!! foot stamping, hand smacking, cursing and swearing - is not exactly quiet play) BUT it is a helluva lot quieter than shot gun blasts in the dead of night. I like to stay locked inside my head...... dealing with the sensations... recording them somewhere in my sub conscious for later. Those cracks from the whip ......... well let's just say they kept me on my toes - in every sense of the word

It was fun.......... but I think I will stick to the quiet toys .. the soft lull you into a sense of false security toys....... stingy whippy cutting burning ouchie toys.

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  1. This is just a suggestion. If you enjoyed the sensation of the whip, maybe you can wear those earmuff thingies to block out sound? Or have music played into your ears to block out the crack? Is that an option? Do you think that would work for you? Or would it end up drowning out other sounds that you DO want to hear?


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