Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For a while there I hadn't been able to masturbate..... mainly because I had become accustomed to??? programmed to??? used to??? only having orgasms from pain. I had teased S&S at one point that they were ruining me for masturbation - it was almost impossible to have an orgasm - even with my handy dandy hitachi.

The other night over coffee, somehow the topic came up of orgasm denial and orgasm delay..... orgasm play I guess. I had said that they could forget about orgasm denial - cause there was no way my body was gonna listen!! They brought up that delay might be something worth working on with me....... because I am - to put it mildly - 'easy'.

I have been thinking about that conversation. Knowing that they are true to their word (see blog about losing thongs) I decided I had better come up with some sort of "subbie" plan ....... you know what I mean - someway of either bratting it out with them..... or actually going along with them.

Bratting it out was gonna be tough. Both of them can read my body language pretty damn well now. So even IF I don't moan and arch and do all those obvious signs of orgasm... I was pretty sure I couldn't actually sneak one or two past them without their noticing.

Going along with orgasm delay sounds ........... intriguing (for lack of a better word).... but when I only get to play with them on weekends..... the need for pain/orgasms is pretty damn strong by then........ and I am not sure I am that much of a masochist ....... cheeky grin.

This morning for some reason....... probably cause I only have 4 kid hours left at work.... I came home for my mid morning break feeling......... horny (no polite way to put it)

I enjoy being horny as it helps with the build of anticipation towards the weekend....... BUT .. what with all the discussions of orgasm delay /denial ......... I thought it might be a good idea to take the edge off - so to speak.

I am here to say stress free makes for excellent masturbation times and even better orgasms !!

Now they also have a theory that the more one orgasms the more one can..... and does .. and wants. I think that is one theory I am gonna put to the test. Hell I have nothing to lose - IF they actually intend to try orgasm delay...........

Ummmmmmm am I being bratty ?? or just practical??

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  1. Ohhh! I really hope they decide to follow through with this orgasm delay idea! I think you'll end up LOVING it! You always love a challenge!


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