Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In a Nutshell

Sir was amazing this past weekend.... i don't know maybe all Doms know exactly what their sub needs/wants and can handle........BUT Sir knew that i wasn't up to very much of anything this weekend except recharging my batteries.

Never mind the fact that i had some how run out of time during the week and still had a mass of shopping to do for the program and baking to do for staff meetings... and laundry to do so i wouldn't scare off the kids and parents by going in naked... i was reeling from 9 - 10 hour long days. Even the Board got wind of the mess i had been dropped in and they actually stepped up to the plate and offered any and all forms of help (that was a WOW moment - except by the time the offer came through i had finished just about everything)

Anyway getting back to the weekend and my amazing Sir......... He opted for the giant clothes peg .... and some needle play .... and shaving me. Now for some reason needle play has always totally and completely relaxed me... it may be that i don't fight the initial onset of the scene like i do with a flogging / whipping........ i just lie there and the needles go in.. and yeah there isn't pain like with a flogging... but there is the constant prick prick prick as the needles go in........ and then of course Sir loves to run His hands over them and make them vibrate in me... and then of course there is always the spanking between the needles - which makes me hold my breath cause ya know.. His aim might just be off and hit one of the damn needles... BUT the whole experience is one of total relaxation for me... i feel the stress leaving my body.. feel the muscles turn to jelly rather than knotted masses of tightness..... my brain is soothed.. my body is soothed... and i come away from it relaxed and ready for bed usually

All weekend Sir had been saying He was going to shave me... so Sunday out came the bowls and the razors and the shaving cream and the Gold Bond medicated powder. And the shaving was done. That too is quite relaxing.. i love the feel of Sir's hands manipulating my pussy...... tugging it this way and that........ the feel of the cool blade sliding over my skin... i hadn't shaved in about two weeks.... and as much as i HATE not being shaved .. some weeks i just don't have the time or energy to get it done in the shower...
It felt like a treat to lie there on the bed.. while Sir shaved me clean....

And so come Monday morning i was clean shaven, with clean clothes, brownies baked and piled high on a platter for the meeting, all the shopping tucked away in the trunk of the car ....and i felt as though i was ready for this.......... the first day of school.

GOD some times i can be so wrong !!!!

First off, some of my staff do not get the concept of alphabetical order !! i was trying to pass out parent packs to each group .. the staff had attendance sheets i had the packs. It all seemed quite simple to me.. i call out the last name first and the first name last (in alphabetical order) and they find the names (or not - as the case may be) on their attendance sheets. We should have gotten it done in 30 minutes.. except we didn't. i kept seeing the ladies flipping through their sheets, i kept saying we are on "B" (for example) no one should have to look on the second sheet!! BUT they didn't get it.... so we didn't get them all done..............

Then as the children eat in a large multipurpose room.. i gave each of the ladies a sign with a room number on it (made perfect sense to me) i told them to stand at their tables and hold the signs up so the children could find their room numbers. Except the ladies didn't. And chaos reigned.

And then add to that........ that one of my employees didn't show up... for lunch or after school and didn't call.. and that left me short handed so i had to take a group.

And i met my new school's Christopher Robin. yeah they actually have a Christopher Robin....... i met him at 7:15 when he came barreling around a corner and nearly ran me over.....

i arrived at school at 7 in the morning and left at 6:15 in the evening...... left?? no i would say more like i dragged myself out at 6:15, drained, exhausted, but not too discouraged.. which counts for everything right?!!!

And so the first day of school has come and gone........ i am ready for the second day.... cause ya know .. the second day can NOT be nearly as bad as the first right???


  1. sounds like your Sir knew EXACTLY what you needed - those clothes pegs were TOO cute incidentally LOL - I love the whole luxury you describe too of him shaving you - I mean people don't realize how difficult it is and how many little folds and crannies there are in a woman! I've often thought it would be SO much easier if someone else did it!

    Sorry about your first day! I can't believe they were so challenged! But it has to get better, right?

  2. By now, you should be well into your second day, and I hope it is going more smoothly.
    Try to relax as much as you can. Each day will follow in its turn and you can do one day. I know you can. The changes you are envisioning will take time. Be patient with the path things must take.

    All the best,

  3. Anonymous12:33 pm

    OMG those clothepins are HUGEEE so cute too funny. hope the second day isnt as chaotic...sounds like you need more needle play and relaxation. Enjoy your blog, thank you.

  4. selkie,

    Do you think I should open a pussy shaving store?? you think I would have them standing in line for a good one??

    Owner of morningstar


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