Tuesday, September 27, 2005

on cleaning house

i love when the house is clean.... BUT.. i hate cleaning it.... especially scrubbing the toilet and washing the bathroom floor..... i keep telling myself that this too is done for my Sir... but it doesn't help..... i HATE cleaning!!!

My grandmother used to say "cleanliness is next to Godliness"...... so i wonder as i scrub the toilet and bathroom floor who cleans heaven for god??? Do i have this to look forward to .. in the after life..... cleaning bathrooms???? sighhhhhhhhhhh i would much rather think that i will find a nice big playroom and all the toys my heart could long for... and Doms lined up all anxious and eager to have a session ....... now am i being sacrilegious? Sorry but that is just the direction my silly lil subbie brain is wandering .........

As i was leaving work today i mentioned that i was coming home to clean.. the comment went round WHY would i have to clean?? i have no children living at home...... i live alone.. what is there to clean??? Welllllll i casually mentioned.. i do have 2 cats who are delighting in leaving hair balls all around the house.. massive great BIG hairballs.. i guess it is better to find hairballs in the corners then have the cats swallowing them.......... But i digress....... why clean the house you live alone............ when i had kids living in the house with me.. i always seemed to be wiping up finger prints off the walls and doors.. and i was always yipping at the kids to keep their fingers off the walls and doors.......... Then when i found myself living alone... i remember the first time i cleaned and discovered finger prints on the walls and doors.. i opened my mouth to yip at the kids and realized.. MY GOD!! those were MY finger prints on the walls and doors.. and i had to wonder how many times i blamed the kids when they were really my own..........

When i go grocery shopping i always look at the cleaning products all lined up so nicely on the shelves - with all their promises of making cleaning easier..... leaving one's house looking sparkly bright and clean.. and smelling spring time fresh.. or garden fresh.... or lemon fresh....... how about just clean smelling???? What happened to just smelling clean?? and ohhhhhhhh the disappointment when one tries all these miracle products to find that really a little elbow grease works just as well.. if not better......

But after all is said and done.. and i sit back .. i do enjoy a clean house...... everything in its place .. everything sparkly... till next week .. when i am back at the scrubbing and cleaning and wondering once again bout Heaven and cleanliness and godliness......


  1. don't you know that God is a switch he only stands some of the time the other time she sits. The rest of the time he is crapping on us so not to worry you will have less work unless you are working in the down stairs that one is a little more messy.

  2. LOL i know exactly how you feel - spent 6 hours cleaning the kitchen last thursday from top to bottom (and no, its not a large kitchen). The bathroom is planned for tomorrow, and i suppose i better do the bedroom too..

    one thing tho: save your money when it comes to those cleaning products. A lot of the time a simple solution of 1 part basic cleaning solution (non bleach), 1 part clear malt vinegar, 1 part dettol and 1 part water all shaken up in a squirty bottle will do. Even gets the windows clean without a mark. if you want that "lemon fresh" smell you can put some lemon juice in there too. Do make sure its a non-bleach solution though - never ever mix bleach chemicals.

    vinegar is fantasic for cleaning with.. there's a TV programme in the UK "how clean is your house" where the presenters are two cleaners who know all the old tricks grannie would have known.. and they're busy showing people the cheap way to get things clean (the cleaning materials manufacturers must hate them.. LOL). well worth watching, if you can - if nothing else the state of other people's houses makes ya feel better about your own.. LOL. well it does for me anyway!



  3. Hmmm... Cleaning.
    It's strange as a child I despised cleaning the bathroom, but now as an adult... I look forward to cleaning day in the house. I gives me a moment to reflect upon my week, and life. Like by cleaning the house I am also cleaning my brain, getting rid of the dust bunnies, making it 90% more efficient.

    I am giddy at the thought of using a new cleaning product - I may never buy it again, but if it works... Personally I like the Vim "pink" smelling multipurpose cleaner, blue windex, and Tilex mildew for the bathroom. For the cat litter/toilet - Comet.

    As for not cleaning... I tried it one weekend. I spent the next week beeing very very sick with my allergies. So I still think that at least for me it is important to clean spotless every week.

    I think my Mother taught me well ;)

    Have a great (rest of the) week.

  4. Dae:

    i would say....... Your mom taught you very well :) :)


  5. There is a way to clean and honor ones owner at the same time I think. Even when he lives elsewhere. I wrote about it here and I have used those same thoughts again and again when I get stuck. Self induced mindset I think it would be. It worked though!


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