Sunday, September 25, 2005

peeking out Part 1

i am peeking.. to see if anyone is still dropping by..... not completely totally sure i am ready to stick my head completely out .. is it safe???

have you noticed i can be rather opinionated?? set in my ways?? when it comes to social norms and good manners??? oh yeah.. and i can be (shock shock!!!) rather outspoken when i think i have been pushed to the limits of patience and good social graces. Both my worlds seemed to collide this week with bad manners and lacking social graces... and i imploded. i know from conversations i have had with some other folks that i am not wrong.. just maybe a tad old fashioned with my ideas....... and maybe a tad too rigid?? (those are my words). But both those qualities are what make Sir and i such a good fit.. like puzzle pieces fitted together. Simple good manners are important to me... i don't know what has happened to the world?! i was raised to believe you accept an invitation for dinner.. you eat what is put in front of you and thank them gracefully you do not order up food as though it were a restaurant. i was brought up with a very different work ethic than what i am seeing in the working world.......... pass the buck.. cut corners... and lie about it. UGH..........

But then .. right in the midst of imploding subbies the phone rang... a couple who have more on their plates than people with poor social graces or terrible work ethics called and invited us for coffee and conversation. And what a delightful evening we had..... good conversation over coffee and cookies.. lots of laughs and good company........ all of which worked miracles on putting this imploded subbie back together.........

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