Thursday, September 15, 2005

on being obsessed

i have come to love writing in my blog........ not just about being submissive and my life with Sir.. but about all the little things that touch my life.

i read lots and lots of blogs during a week........ i have favourites (as do many of you) ... i got hooked on one blog that for a long time discussed mostly the S/m part of their relationship....... i got hooked on another that talked about the D/s in their relationship....... and yet another that discussed both .. the D/s and the S/m... i even stumbled across a vanilla blog that discusses life on Block Island...... AND it makes me sad when my favourite blogs disappear... no entries for days or weeks at a time.. sometimes i even drop them a little email asking if everything is ok....... (like i could do anything if things weren't ok!!???) sighhhhhhhhhhh

Someone posted in their blog after a lengthy absence that they hadn't had any good things to write about.. that life sucks sometimes.... and they didn't think anyone would be interested in that......... that made me stop and think......... i write about the good and the bad stuff in my life.. my struggles with the clown at work.. with health issues.. with being a brat some days with Sir .. as well as the fun times.....the floggings.. the needle play.. the serving... and i have to admit i seldom think about the people who will read what i am writing.... or if they will become bored with it....... this blog is NOT a fairy tale.. it is a real life story about my life with Sir. It comes with the all the warts and scars of life as well as the fun entertaining times.

Whatever happens - good or bad - i hope i can keep the words spilling out into this blog..... if nothing else it is very cathartic for me......... and yeah ok.. maybe i am just a little obsessed.............

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  1. should you slow down in the number of posts I would miss the eclectic thoughts.


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