Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Turning over a new leaf

i have been struggling for a few weeks now with some major changes to my life - much needed changes. But it is so easy - isn't it - to stay safe within the life one is used to living??

A little over a year ago i was told i had some serious health issues i had to deal with.. they have taken pretty much all my attention and patience....BUT for the last 3 months they seem to be under control - being managed........ so it was time to take a serious look at the rest of my life style and make some further changes.......

i have been .. how shall i put it.. accepting that i am getting older.. that old "war wounds" are just something one must live with......... BUT the more i just lived with these irritants.. the worse they became... and the worse my mood has become.... A dear friend Cloud has taken on 2 submissives to train...... and the training has included an exercise routine. i have been reading their blogs:ling’s blog and pup’s blog and became inspired (i guess is the right word) to take back my body from the gremlins who seem to have taken possession of it . In a conversation with Cloud and Sir, Cloud agreed to get ling to send off the exercise routine. And He and Sir decided that Cloud will visit on Thursday and coach me on the routine.

For the last two days i have been sweating and working at doing this routine. It has not been easy after all these years to convince my ole bod that it can really do this !!! But i am plugging along .. doing the best i can.. with what i have to work with.. sigh.. (old body)
Also Sir and i discussed my growing exhaustion..... and it was decided that the pc would be turned off around 9 p.m. each evening.. a nice hot bath and bed would be in order.. more sleep is a wonderful thing !!! As well i have decided to watch what foods i eat. Not diet!!! i personally HATE that word.. just watch what foods i eat.. eat a little less.. exercise a little more.. just take back my body!!!

TA DA! i am turning over a new leaf........


  1. Good for you! It does feel great, and the rewards are ten fold. Good luck and have fun!


  2. wow thats great hon.. i know you can do it!! myself and a few friends (bdsm friends that is) are doing similar things - although i'm trying to lose weight properly, i need to, in order to conceive - and, encouraged by them, I've set up a private yahoo board for those into the lifestyle to support each other over diety type issues and subjects. If you want to join (and your Master allows you) then let me know - my email address is on my blog - and i'll send you an invite :)

    even if its not your thing (which is more than fine) then i wish you luck with your quest - *hugggggggsssssssss*, like i said, i *know* you can do it!

  3. Diet is a four letter word to me also even though I use it to describe eating what you need to eat and not more. I will see you tomorrow keep up the good work

  4. Anonymous7:55 am

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