Monday, September 05, 2005

thanks BUT no thanks...

Saturday was an amazing learning experience for me.. First there was Midori's bondage workshop which kept me on the edge of my seat with heart pounding longing. (Now why couldn't i have been selected to volunteer for THAT workshop??) The way she manipulated those ropes...... wrapping .. binding.. teasing, arousing with them was a thing of beauty! She called it a "dance" and it truly was a dance !!! It wasn't a boring lesson of how to tie knots, how to make everything symmetrical, looking pretty... oh no.. it was about the sensual feel of the ropes, the sensual feel of command in HER bindings. This workshop could easily be called " the sensual dance of the ropes" It was an amazing thing of beauty!!!

We broke for supper and after supper was the humiliation workshop...... the one i was volunteered to be the victim for.. no wait.. i was volunteered to be the guinea pig for .. no no ... that's not it.. i was volunteered to be a "volunteer"!!! a Volunteer yeah!!! a volunteer!

When we arrived back at the club.. Midori approached me almost immediately and said to me .. "you don't fantasize about humiliation do you??" nope not at all.... Midori then very tactfully explained that she would not be able to use me during the workshop.. She needed someone who at least "fantasized" about it.

Was i disappointed ?? it had been one of my quandries last week.. if i wasn't selected would i be disappointed that i didn't get to experience humiliation first hand..... know what?? i wasn't the least bit disappointed. It did not take very long for me to realize just how much humiliation is a pretty scary form of edgeplay. Edgeplay for the mind, the psyche, and the entire self. i am a pretty grounded person ... and pretty adventuresome .. but humiliation play is most definitely NOT for me. For those that thrive on humiliation.. more power to ya !!!! but for me.. it is a definite "thanks BUT no thanks" form of play...............

My one and only regret really is that we didn't get to play afterwards.. or watch some friends of ours from south of the border play. i would have enjoyed that. But the heat in the club was unbearable, it was late, and so Sir and i quietly slipped away into the dark of the night.......

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  1. Anonymous10:14 pm

    *hugs* sounds like a wonderful time :)

    Have a lovely week sweetie :)


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