Wednesday, September 28, 2005

love letters

love letters........ romantically tied with red ribbons stored away in a trunk to be found by some relative long after the days have passed.

When my mother died we found in her treasure box every card my dad ever gave/sent her. They weren't tied with a red ribbon - but there they were all collected together locked in her treasure box. Loves little secrets........

My Sir leaves me (from time to time) little love notes around the house. i have found one on the back of the front door - carefully placed so that i would find it when i got home from work - on it was a big smiley face hand drawn by Sir and the words "When I think of you"...... i found another once taped to the coffee pot - it said simply "have a good day" and once inside the cupboard that holds my coffee mugs - "Hope your day got off on an upswing". Little love notes..... meant to brighten up my day.. put a smile on my face.. make me feel loved and protected.

i collect journals - books with blank pages..... all have different covers .. one has a big sunflower on the cover.. another has quotes from Alice in Wonderland.. my most recent one simply states "Secret Garden" on it ....... so many little journals.. all kept for some special occasion.. some secret writing.. but one journal is very special.. i have pasted each and every one of Sir's little love notes inside - one per page. i wonder... when the day finally comes for me.... and my children are going through my things... if they will open my journals and read the words inside.... i wonder what they will think when they find the soft love notes written by my Sir..... will they feel the wonder i felt when i opened my mother's treasure box?? i certainly hope so...... for everyone should have love notes hidden away .. testament to the love they found in this life....

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