Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Sir gives me tasks from time to time to work on while He is away from the condo. Most of the time i love being given tasks, it helps me feel connected to Sir and helps me stay focused on what is important.... Some times the tasks are straight forward and simple to complete... other times i miss the mark and have to re-do them.....

That was the case with my last task.. to catalogue the "toys". Now actually Sir didn't put it that way....... He told me to "take pictures of the toys" so that He had a record. i thought i understood the need for this task.. Our toy chest has grown rather large over the past few years........ AND we now have downstairs and upstairs toys. AND now when we go to a play party or to camp and i am told to pack the toys, it is next to impossible to pack ALL the toys. How many toys do we have .. you ask?? Neither Sir nor i had any idea.... But trust me when i say i could not pack all the toys for a play party...... mostly because it would be a waste of time.. There is no way Sir would manage to use them all in an evening, nor would they all appeal to His mood. Therefore .. take pictures.

i thought i did a good job on Sunday afternoon.. lining up all like minded toys and photographing them.... all the floggers together.. all the "hard" toys together.. all the canes and then all the paddles.....But that was not what Sir had had in mind. He wanted each toy photographed separately and numbered so that it is easy for Him to give me a packing list - pack #'s 9 17 18 20 24 27 and 30. Also i realized as i laboured over this photographing task yesterday afternoon.... that now there is no wiggle room for this lil subbie.

In the past Sir would say pack a couple of floggers, a tawse, the whip.. a crop .. etc.. and i would stand in front of the toy wall (i have the toys all neatly hung, decorating a wall in the play room) and chose the toys i like best, within the parameters of Sir's directions. Even with the really OUCH toys there are ones i prefer over others. And so each toy bag that left the condo would hold my favourite toys... never ever any of the truly hated toys.

The thing that surprised me the most....... was the sheer number of toys we have collected over the years. We have a grand total of 30 toys ........ and that is not including the knife (which i forgot to photograph) or the needles or the candles. (do needles and candles count?? ) And the other interesting thing for me was that about half the toys are mine.. toys i have made .. or gifts that have been given.. or ones i just had to have and bought. If the day ever comes that the toys must be separated as Sir and i go our separate ways, my toy wall will not be as bare as i once thought it might be.......

But this cataloguing has begged the question - "how many toys does one need?" Is this another version of the old saying "he who dies with the most toys wins?" But there is always that one toy that is just a wee bit different.... a wee bit prettier.. a wee bit more wicked .................... too many toys???? Nah.... just the right number i think !!!


  1. I can see CLoud asking " how many subbies does one need? "... well I can tell you now,

    Just ONE, you littleone

  2. (blushing) thank You Sir !!!

  3. well that and I think that Sir could use everone in a Night sure would like to see him try would you not littleone (I know you just smiled) does this count include the vibrators like the one in the Taurus!


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