Monday, September 26, 2005

Tag - your it!

i was tagged.. which means ... for those that don't know.. that i have been sent some questions from another blog that i read ..... and i am supposed to answer them...... is this kinda like a chain letter?? i HATE chain letters.. BUT somehow this wet rainy Monday does not inspire me to write much.. so why not answer the questions??
Here goes:

1) Who/what are you??
i am lots of things.. from mother to educator to administrator to sister to friend to submissive ... all rolled into one woman - who sometimes wonders which hat she should be wearing........

2) What do you fantasize about?
really that depends on the day.. the mood i am in... lots of things....... my favourite fantasies involve lots of whips and floggers and ropes.. and hours and hours of time alone with my Sir
ok ok .. i have lots and lots of sexual fantasies.. but i am NOT gonna jot them down here... glibbly .. perhaps they could be a topic for another blog........

3) Number of times you have been in love
i am in love with life and all the people that touch my life..... i don't want to count how many times i have loved someone and lost...... THAT is depressing ...... much better to live in the NOW.

4) Number of people you love right now
welllllll let's see .. of course there is Sir.. and my girls.. and my grandson.. and .. well see above answer........

5) Number of people you have sex with now
You need to ask?? 1 just one.. my Sir

6)the slut test

now quite truthfully i am trying to figure out why that was included... and was slightly amused by it at the same time........ those that know me well know i HATE the term slut... it tends to bring out the very worst in me..

7) When did you have your first sexual encounter
again.. i would love a definition.. sexual encounter?? basically i was a virgin when i got married (22 years old) .. but there were the stolen kisses and touches in the back of the boyfriend's car when i was in high school.. does that count??

8) How many times have you been collared
3 times

9) Are you shaven?

10) Have you ever been sold?
nope.. i wouldn't fetch very much on the market........... (wicked grin) i tend to chew up Doms and spit them out......

11) How many siblings do you have?
one - a brother

12) Your father is:

13) Your mother is:
also dead
now that's cheery isn't it??

14) Do you have rituals - what is your favourite
lordie.. Sir and i have more than a few rituals.... my favourite??? probably curled up at Sir's feet after dinner .. after the kitchen is tidied.. curled up watching TV quietly.

15) what religion are you?
now.. nothing formal.. originally United Church of Canada

16) Movie star you look like?
no one i know of

17) Favourite novel?
any novel written by James Patterson......... light fluffy mysteries.. i do way too much serious reading all winter long (job related)

18) Describe your physical appearance
i HATE these questions.. let's just say my physical appearance could use some work on bad days .. on good days it is something i live with

19) Describe your favourite BDSM session
it has to be any session in which Sir pushes my limits.. where at the end i feel fulfilled..complete and surprised !! i remember one where Sir did everything He wanted.. ignored my tears.. pushed me to my limit and then pushed me some more.... THAT has to be my favourite one - to read it click here: hard days night

20) What body modifications do you have?
i have 2 tattoes.. one on my thigh of the BDSM symbol that was put there the day Sir collared me... the other is a butterfly on my breast that i put there when i started a new life for ME!
On the second anniversary of my collaring Sir had my clit hood pierced

Now..... if anyone who reads my blog would like to consider themselves "tagged" - go for it!!! i won't send it on.. but you are most welcome to copy the questions...


  1. your comment about being sold.. Unless Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump are willing no one else could afford the high price you are worth...

  2. Sir.. You make me blush....
    oh and i have a question.. who the devil is Warren Buffet???

    Your littleone

  3. Warren Buffett, is the world seconds richest man, behind Bill Gates that is.
    for more info (really boring stuff ;) )

    be well


  4. thank You for the information Black Panther..... though i must admit to wondering where You popped up from... nice to "meet You" so to speak..


  5. littleone,

    you can blame my ke`chara for that ... as her I share an interest in some blogs about bdsm relationships. She pointed out your blog tonight with the questions (she had one done herself a while back).

    And like a true black panther .. I sneak around and suddenly pop up ;)

    be well,


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