Monday, September 19, 2005

under his hand

Last evening before i was allowed to go to sleep, Sir had me on my belly on the bed with a warning not to move, and then He used a few of the "upstairs" toys on me. First He used the leather strap - it had been a long time since He used the strap and i had forgotten how much it stung........ it didn't take more than a few slaps for me to be wiggling... Sir placed a hand firmly on the small of my back holding me still, while He continued to strap my ass. There was something almost comforting in the feel of His hand. It was warm to the touch and firm... and it had a way of centering me. The slaps from the leather strap didn't seem to hurt as much - i was under His hand.

And that is how i see my life........ everything that happens for good or bad.. i am safe under His hand.... it is a wonderful feeling..... a nice safe place to be.......

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