Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dominant's view

 (This pic pretty much says it all)

I wasn't sure what I was gonna say this morning... but i read something written by a Dom this morning that got my writing juices flowing....... 

In a nut shell he wrote that :  At the beginning of a relationship a Dom sets up all the protocols and rituals and rules and enforces them - the sub only has to learn them and follow them.  BUT as time goes by  the Dom grows tired and bored of having to give and give and give some more.  This Dom I was reading identified this as Dom Drop. (HUH??) 

Anyway - he goes on to say that when the Dom is in Dom Drop the submissive must work harder to please the Dom - to encourage and delight him.  In this bored state the Dom  may withdraw from the submissive  - and may possibly start looking around at new submissives.

Excuse me??!!!  WTF??? 

I pointed out that perhaps if the Dom becomes withdrawn and bored - the submissive might very well assume she is no longer pleasing ........... that she is at fault ....... and she (if she has any backbone) might actually start looking for another Dominant!  

I also suggested they - as a couple - might look at their problems together and fix them!  Not putting the responsibility totally on one or the other.

Geeeeeeeeeeez............... that bloody "I am God" mentality really frosts my britches !!!  I keep wanting to simply write in the comment section of these God-like Doms 

B I T E   ME

 but then I am just an uppity s-type.


BlazngScarlet said...

The last bit of your post made me spit out my tea!

Communication, in any relationship is the key to success.

Anonymous said...

Um... morningstar, help me understand...exactly what is this Dom giving other than rules and protocols in this case... seems as if he is just taking...kinda like a selfish child. And once the sub has learned the rules the challenge of bending one to his will is gone and he moves on....'shaking head in puzzlement'

Definition: Dom Drop - time to drop the Dom


CLoud said...

I agree with you sounds just like a lazy dom.

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