Thursday, March 08, 2012

Just a little History.

A. How did you get started on the BDSM lifestyle? Was your ex-husband involved too?
B. How did Warren come into your life?

Wow - those questions are ancient history for sure (grinning)
A) I read the Story of O when I was 19 and wished that the fiction I read could be real.
Fast forward a few years - I started reading Adult Message Boards (boy does that date me) and discovered BDSM in real life!!  

From there it was a short hop skip and jump to meeting people in real life at munches / get togethers.  I tried to get my hubbie interested  - but truthfully I believe he was more submissive than I was....... so it didn't work.  He figured it was a "hobby" of mine - weird hobby - but still a hobby... and didn't object to me meeting people - even playing - as long as I came home to him.  

Our marriage was on the rocks long before this venturing out into real life happened.  So again - it was just a short hop skip and a jump to my separating from him and finally divorcing him.  (Anyone who reads here knows he and I are now good friends and celebrate all the high holidays and birthdays together) 

Now as for W coming into my life. .......... I first met him and his then partner at a munch.  I kept bumping into him at munches and the occasional play party.  He made me laugh.. and most of the time I never took him too seriously.  

Then at one munch - he approached me about an off the cuff comment I had made about doing self bondage.  He offered to be my "safe call " .  I thought he was being silly and that was the beginning of my education / entry into bondage.  

We met usually on a Friday afternoon here at the condo for lessons in bondage...... W had never "hit a woman" ...... we both evolved - I learned about bondage and W learned to take pleasure in "hitting a woman" 

Things evolve and change............ and here we are today........ slowly blending our lives .. the BDSM and the vanilla ... and making our own brand of BDSM.  

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  1. Anonymous8:38 am

    Thanks morningstar for a historical journey. So nice that you and ex can still be friendly and celebrate holidays together. Interesting to note how your 'lifestyle' has evolved over the years into what is right for you! Thank you for answering questions.

    Question: As I have begun to read many blogs, it seems there are a good number of participates who are in therapy. Do you think this is the norm? ...hope I'm not stepping on toes of your friends and readers... no judgement just curious.



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