Monday, March 19, 2012

Any time

There is something very special going on in our relationship.  Now there is no time limit on when we play.... no need to be at a party - or do it after dinner.... or skip it all together if we have something else going on........... 

No .. now .. whenever W feels like it - we are playing.  

Like this weekend.. 

I figured we wouldn't have time to play this weekend - we had a munch on Saturday evening.. and Sunday I had eldest grandson's birthday party to go to.......... 

BUT ... W arrived with the toy bag - and shortly after he arrived he told me to get the bag and "drop 'em"....... it was mid afternoon... and we played - and it was wonderful.. I didn't feel as though it was being squeezed in.. I didn't feel as though it was being done for me..  it was play time.. and it was good - no better than good - it was near perfect!!!  

YAY!!! for spontaneous free play times......... I could get used to this! 


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Kinda like after the kids leave the nest, you have time to be spontaneously amorous whenever and where ever you wish. YAY!! for you and W.

  2. I can feel your heart glow. :)


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