Friday, March 16, 2012

Overwhelmed - BUT - in a good way

I think I told you all about our theme this year at school?? Around the world in 180 days???   

Well we are now in Africa.  And I got this bright idea to create a "jungle" in our room.  First I drew a 'jungle' .....then I put it on the overhead and blew it up to HUGE proportions .. (that took 3 hours) then I did it all again so we would have identical 'jungles' on the doors.  (Then - just for the record I created 4 more HUGE jungles for the younger children to paint - mostly from Jungle book) 

This week we started painting the jungle doors.  It took 3 days to complete the first one.. 

The older kids had a ball creating different shades of green by dabbing the paint brush in green then picking up some brown ... or yellow.. or white.. or black .. and painting their section of the jungle.  

The finished product....................

Now they are working on the second one... 

AND other kids are working on snakes and monkeys and birds to add some interest to our jungle.

The younger kids are busy painting their murals - and themselves - and the floor - and ME.  I'll post pictures of their efforts when everything is up.. and jungly.

It is a little overwhelming keeping all the paint flowing and the questions answered... but oh what fun we're having !!!


  1. WOW looks terrific! this will be one project that every one remembers! Love it! abby

  2. Oh my god that looks like the most fun ever!!! May I leave law school and come to your school instead??? (not that I don't already take colouring breaks sometimes. *ahem*.)

  3. That is an AWESOME project!
    The kids have done a fabulous job so far too! =)

  4. Oh to be a fly on the wall and to see the final product.

    It always fascinates me to see how others percieve my home continent.
    Hope you all have a load of fun visiting us in our decidedly unseasonably unsunny part of the world (well at least here on the tip anyway).

  5. K - the most important thing my kiddies have learned (in my opinion) is that Africa is NOT a country - but a continent with a whole lot of countries in it !!!

  6. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Your kids are SO lucky to have you. SO LUCKY.



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