Wednesday, March 07, 2012

House Proud


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I am sure I have mentioned before how I am house proud.  I love my lil house.  And I love it even more as time goes on and I add more and more of my personality to it.  (No no it isn't scattered and helter skelter - shame on you !!)

A couple of years back - just before my daughters got married I had the main bathroom redone.  I thought I was being a bit daring because I didn't want the usual bathroom "stuff" in it.  

So I went shopping for non- bathroom "stuff".  I found a gorgeous dark wood vanity/sink.  I wanted to get rid of the stupid lil medicine cabinet and had plans to simply plaster over the top of the original one - BUT I needed something to hold all the usual paraphernalia that bathrooms hold.  I found at our local home reno shop - not in the bathroom section - but in the living room section - a curio cabinet that pretty much matched the wood from the vanity..... and suited my purposes to a T for replacing that medicine cabinet.  I added baskets in the cabinet to hold all the "stuff" - in case you are wondering what I did with all the make up - hair spray - tooth paste etc.

Everything was put in......... along with a new bath/shower that is grey "marble" (don't look too close - I was doing this reno on a shoe string budget.)  I had the walls painted a soft dove grey.  I added white shower curtains and white window curtains.  I added two oriental pictures and a bamboo plant - et voila my new bathroom.

Well it has been a couple of years - and I noticed that my pride and joy was looking a little tired..... I did not want to change a thing!!  So I pulled out the buckets and mops and sponges and cleaning liquid and set about (this past Sunday) washing the ceiling and walls and floor.  

It was exhausting but as I lay in my tub on Sunday night - soothing those aching muscles I realized my bathroom still had the WOW factor for me.   

Wanna see?? huh huh?? do you?? 

Well here ya go.......... my lil bathroom............ 

  from the door looking straight in

 the bath/shower

 and finally (standing IN the bath) looking out 

And that dear friends is my pride and joy....... 


  1. You did a fantastic job ... it still looks quite fashionable! =)

  2. Anonymous11:36 am

    Lovely and very peaceful looking morningstar. Curio cabinet is great addition...good thinking.


    A. How did you get started on the BDSM lifestyle? Was your ex-husband involved too?

    B. How did Warren come into your life?

    You might have spoken about these in previous blogs, but as a new comer to your blog, I'm curious.



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