Friday, March 30, 2012

T.P.E. thoughts

First thing I must do this morning is thank everyone who has taken time to comment on my blog these last couple of days.  You have no idea how much your words have touched me - given me food for thought ............. and yes even brought up a couple more questions.... (but then as W says I always have a couple more questions!!)

I think the best advise was to take it slow - let things develop and evolve and twist and change.......... until the fit is right for US.  I realized so much of what we have tried to create - tried to do - has been influenced by people around us - or things we read on the net - or fantasy.  I am thinking the best way to start anything new is to find out what works best for US.

Now the last  question........ (for now)

if you have no money of your own - no bank account - how do you buy presents for your Master???? I want to buy presents - little surprises - without him paying for them - or having to ask permission - I want to be able to SURPRISE him every once in a while - that is a HUGE part of who I how does one do that??????? See using his money doesn't work for me....... cause then He is paying for His own gift...... nope doesn't work for me at all.......  

I honestly think the rest of the issues we can sort out ......... especially after I retire - a lot of my needs now are a result of working 7 - 10 hours a day ......... I think that once there is no work - no work schedule - no work stress - my entire outlook will change drastically......... 

Again I want to thank you amazing people for "talking to me" ....... "sharing with me" .. showing me that even the impossible can be possible in the right circumstances....with the right amount of compromise .. dialogue... and love.


  1. "if you have no money of your own - no bank account - how do you buy presents for your Master????"
    Since I am a Master, I am coming at this from the other angle. I do not want presents bought for me. I would love to have something made or done that I was not expecting as a present. Then it would be worth a lot more to me that something brought at the store.


  2. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Morningstar, if this is the type of relationship you are planning to move towards with W, then your statement..."find out what works best for us" is the greatest advice you can give yourself. Your TPE relationship will be what YOU and W develop. Not what is written in blogs or books. Kinda like you describe your BDSM relationship... Its between the 2 people or in some cases more :) to make it to fit their needs and desires.
    I could never be totally dependent on my other half for money. Guess it was something my mom and dad always drove home to me growing up. It was said by both, "go to college, be able to support yourself and always have some rainy day savings." Guess that was their way of making sure I grew up as a self sufficient person.
    Good luck on what looks to be a New Journey.


  3. If W were to wish you have no money and it's important to you to be able to gift him now and then perhaps you could had a "money jar" where you could keep money that he allows you to earn so it's yours just for this type of thing. Be creative. This part of the dynamic can be enjoyable too :)

  4. i make things.. wake Him up with suprises , write for Him, but i am allowed to earn an allowance (from Him and only if He deams it ) which i hoard away so He gets His special gifts. Because like you Morningstar i love to get my One gifts

  5. I make things as well because I have a hard time surprising my M for the reasons you describe. Once in a while if I have access to the debit card I can sneak something but that is very rare. When I can sneak I often do it online to avoid getting caught.

    He tends to prefer my presents from the heart. Like today I was making a Lasagna for a friend of M's and made a mini one for M because Lasagna is His favorite but He had said we were having burgers. So now He has a mini Lasagna for a few lunches.

    P.S. Luckily when W/we began M/s I was reading places like here that spoke often of the neatives of trying to be like the jonses...


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