Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mating Season

I have been silently stewing over these few months......... everything had changed (since I was sick last year) ...... everything !!!

I can't eat most foods - i am fighting the weight again (hard not to when the only thing I can eat with any safety are carbs and chicken) ........ I am listless and mostly disinterested in everything........ and i do mean EVERYTHING! from pain and play and sex to going out for an evening.  

I had reached the point of saying "this is my new normal" and have been trying to adjust to it.

Then this week....... I started to notice a slow stirring in my loins (ain't that poetic??!! the term I mean!!) And today driving to work with the car windows open I realized I was smelling the earth - that musky rich smell that comes every spring.  The smell that has for most of my life stirred my loins and made me - ok forgive the language - a horny bitch.  

Last spring I was just too sick to notice the smells or for them to have any affect on my body or mind.  

This spring - 'praise the Lord and pass the ammunition' - everything is stirring and getting good and hot and anxious.  

So yeah - hear me roar ............. 'YEAH BABY!'  Life is truly returning to normal !!! 

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  1. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Spring is sprung and morningstar has her groove back! YAY... Happy to hear your feeling more like 'old' self



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