Sunday, March 25, 2012


I haven't been around The Journey for the last few days cause........... well ....... because I had nothing to say......... and I had a messy untidy house. 

Yesterday I buckled down and cleaned and cleaned and did laundry till I almost ran out of hot water.  

I'm a little OCD over the house - I admit it.  

But I was thinking last night while I was sitting in my clean sparkling house.... cleaning can waste a lot of time that could be spent having fun.  W went off with a friend yesterday for some Dim Sum at lunch - I could have gone - I didn't go. In fact I didn't see W at all yesterday......... and won't see him today either cause today is Grandma and grandson day.

As I was rinsing the tiled hallway (for the 3rd time - cause I couldn't get the streaks out) I thought how much easier it would all be IF I was retired AND IF W and I lived together......... 

But I am not retired and W and I don't live together (yet) ............ so I will continue to have bouts of OCD over the house, and waste precious time I could have spent with W.

I guess my Sunday Sentiments today are 
"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" 
which my grandmother used to say on a regular basis..........guess it worked Grandma


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Glad you blogged today. You usually don't miss so many days in a row and that had me wondering how you were. Can't imagine your home gets very messy/dirty. springtime but hate to do spring cleaning that seems to accompany it. Wonder why we get the urge to clean when spring arrives...


  2. I used to be that way .... but now?
    Not nearly as much.
    (ok, my kitchen I AM OCD about!)

    Life is too short, and the dust will be there tomorrow!


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