Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Spare Hand

 On Sunday over on Spankedhortic's blog he posted his Sunday Swishing post.  BUT in the comments Roz asked the question-  "What is with all the spankers with hand on hip?"
and a conversation was started!

I often times read blog entries to Sir Steve,,,,,,,so when I read this conversation I turned to Sir Steve and asked him " when you are spanking me - what do you do with the hand you're not using?" He frowned at me.  He scowled at me.  He finally said "I use both hands!" (which is true - he often switches hands) BUT I persisted "what do you do with the hand NOT being used?" and he answered (sounding more than little exasperated) "It's just there!"

We went back to watching the movie.  Suddenly he blurted out - "my spare hand is just there ya know"  and he proceeded to demonstrate how it hangs... or flaps about. I couldn't help but laugh........ the answer to my original question was obviously bugging him...... what DID he do with the other hand?

I thought about it some too......... discovered most of the time I DO know what he does with the spare hand.......... 

he'll rest it against the small of my back ...like this...

OR sometimes he'll distract me a little bit (cheeky grin)

 OR it'll just flap about (for balance maybe?)


OR he'll make sure my hands stay out of the way


OR he'll just use both hands and take my breath away




    Thanks morningstar! I needed that!


  2. LoL Morningstar, well, I'm glad my question prompted some discussion:)

    In many pics it does seem the spanker has their spare hand on their hip and it just didn't seem to make for an effective spanking to me ya know? Don't they need the other one loose for balance? LoL, I dunno.

    It tickled me that the question seemed to bug Sir Steve. Thinking about it, I think I often know what Rick is doing with his other hand too, similar to you, although he will also stop spanking and use the spanking hand for those activities too lol


    1. nodding I agree with you Roz on the posed pics the spanker always has their hand on their hip (though I never really noticed till you pointed it out) ..... I think in reality the pose is very different :)

  3. Loved the post. This is why a big mirror is always useful to a spankee. To check out what is going on at the other end :)


    1. Nooooooooooooooo

      No mirrors Prefectdt... GAH! I don't want to see what I look like - the faces!! the contortions!!


  4. I asked BIKSS too! If hes standing up he says he uses it for balance. Or else its on my back or touching me somewhere else on my body. Often he’s lying on his side on the bed beside me so in those instance its being used to prop his head up. :) very interesting question!

    1. it was a thought provoking question wasn't it?


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