Wednesday, December 01, 2021

And so it begins.......


Well we had our 'tree decorating' party on Monday night. 

I had the pizza dough rising by the time the lil one came home from school and Sir Steve was under orders to come straight home from work - cause - tree decorating ya know!

I always get nostalgic when the ornaments come out.....

Here's one of my squirrel ornaments from my daughters - because you all know how much I love squirrels (NOT)

and there's the hand print snowman ornament the lil one made (with my help) for her dad four years ago.

One of the woven candy baskets we made a couple of years ago

A sentimental Hallmark style one I gave Sir Steve  

just so many memories.

Anyway.......... we got the tree decorated while the pizza cooked

Then we all curled up in front of the TV with our pizza and the movie "One Magic Christmas"

Christmas is a time for making memories......... and we do make memories !!


  1. Hi Morningstar, the decorations are awesome. Sounds like a wonderful family night. I remember putting up the tree as a kid, which was usually a fake one. I seem to remember for a number of years we weren't allowed to put it up until Christmas eve. I remember that making it feel even more magical.


    1. Roz - we always had a real tree... until my youngest daughter always got sick SICK for Christmas - severe asthma attacks. Turns out the real trees are filled with mold which we were dragging into the we went to an artificial one.

  2. I like your traditions and your ornaments. Nick will put the tree up for me but that's it. The kids and I always decorated. But Mollie is so busy these days I guess I might be decorating all by myself.

    1. Pk my husband never helped decorate - oh he would put it up and put the lights on - but then POOF he was gone.

      I spent so many years putting the tree up completely by myself...... I would tell my cat the stories behind the ornaments. On Monday night I was remembering all those lonely years and filled up with tears - I am SO fortunate to have a man who loves Christmas OR maybe just loves seeing me happy .....

  3. Family Christmas scene :) Sigh


    1. I know Prefectdt - we're very lucky

      How long has it been since you were able to go home for Christmas??

    2. Christmas 2019. I thought that I would make it this year but then.....


  4. Tree decorating, pizza and a Christmas movie, what a wonderful night. We don't put our decs up until middle of the month. This year Granddaughter will be helping us to decorate it. She has already chosen her bauble (well it's a Father Christmas) to hang up.


  5. Christmas is magic....and memories.


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