Saturday, November 13, 2021

Good News Saturday



After almost 2 years of home schooling the lil one brought home her first report card since she returned to school.  We couldn't believe it!!  It was most probably her best report card ever!!!  It felt like such a weight had been lifted off my shoulders!!   With any luck she'll keep up the excellent work and we - I - can coast till June.  YAY!!

The other bit of good news this week - I realized how relaxed I am feeling.  I can go out shopping and not be in 'flight or fight' mode.  I almost look forward to going out into the shops again......... ALMOST!

I am feeling stronger again....... and that is very good news! 


  1. Hi Morningstar, that is fantastic news on both fronts. Congratulations to the lil one and to you on the report card. So much of that is down to your hard work home schooling.

    Glad you are feeling more relaxed about being out and about now. That must be such a freeing feeling.


  2. I'm feeling so awesome for you! It's great being able to breathe easy again. Hoping for continued progress for the lil one and you!

  3. Anonymous9:25 am

    Glad for your child and you that she did well in school. Many kids should be doing well, because they crave, as we all do, interaction with their peers, and that can lead to a positive frame of mind for learning in school.
    bottoms up


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