Wednesday, November 24, 2021

So close to losing it



I'm so damn close to blowing my top............

On the weekend the lil one was fed
(ready for this?)
breaded chicken burgers
fried chicken - for 2 dinners
Then she was given 2 boxes of M&M's ........ a kit kat chocolate bar ... and 2 bags of chips.

She didn't wash her hands or face all weekend!  She only brushed her teeth twice

The only good thing..... if you can call it that .... she now has 2 pimples on her face.  Believe you me - I pointed out the natural consequences from eating so much junk food and not washing her face!  Never mind the amount of carbs and sugar she ate which just blows her sugar levels ........... 

Remember back aways - I talked about how good life was - Sir Steve's new meds were working and WOW!  adult time was fast improving??? how life was starting to level off and I was looking forward to better days???  Yeah - well not so much now

Who the hell did I piss off ???


  1. It must be incredibly frustrating having to work around these really incompetent uncaring individuals - but bottom line is you can't control what they do. All you can do is what you're so ably doing - teaching the child what is the right path to take - I know it is really hard but keep doing what you're doing - you can't blame the child - she's a kid- of course she's not going to say no to junk food - BUT - I believe implicitly your lessons are and will continue to get through and eventually as she matures she herself will start making the good choices. In the interim, be matter of fact about the realities. xoxox

    1. oh I don't blame the lil one... am a bit discouraged that she's making bad choices when she's with her mother.... what I don't get is here it's part of her routine - get dressed wash face brush teeth - get undressed same routine.. how is it not imprinted in her?? ahh well..............

  2. Ugh, I feel your frustration Morningstar. Keep up the amazing job you are doing and as Selkie said, hopefully the lil one will start to make her own choices as she matures.


    1. thanks Roz - yeah I was very frustrated this morning.... but this too shall pass right?? I think I just have a lot on my plate and this was like the straw that broke the camel's back ya know?

  3. Tree house, colouring, fruit loops, this all sounds good. I think that we all want to just walk away from it all sometimes


  4. Sigh.....I'm so sorry Morningstar.

    I am not sure if it helps, but I am with you...centimetres from losing it.

    Hugs, I hope things improve.

    1. Boo - we need to do emails.... I do miss chatting with you via email


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