Monday, November 22, 2021

Struggling on......


 Well we definitely had rainy days this weekend......... BUT we didn't have puddles we had a swimming pool in the basement.  Sir Steve spent Saturday trying to empty the water long enough to patch some of the holes we knew about....... it was a discouraging job ...... cause as fast as he emptied the water - it would start to fill back up.......
I did some research - and found out our government has a 'Rental Board' and from what I read - they will order the landlord to fix the problem - basically take the stress off our shoulders.  BUT we have to have done everything in our power to work with the landlord.  This morning I sent the landlord a letter - laying out the time line and the problems.  I also gave him 24 hours to tell us his plan to permanently fix the problem.  I don't expect he'll do anything - so then I will call this Board and hope against hope they can help us.


the whole weekend wasn't spent on the basement ( we still stressed over it but we tried to find some fun/joy)

Sir Steve dragged our outdoor decorations upstairs (yes from the flooded basement - BUT all our decorations are up on shelves) and we got the outside decorated.  It looks so festive!

And we drove down to Montreal to celebrate my middle grandson's birthday.  AND surprise surprise it was one of the best visits with him (he can be outspoken and rude)


Then back home to watch a football game we had tapped which is when I discovered I had left my phone at my daughter's !  GAH !  It looked like I would be driving back to Montreal this morning......... but thank god for kids..... eldest daughter messaged Sir Steve and told him they would bring my phone back on their way home!!  

AND despite our stress - we had a mini play time when we fell into bed.. short and sweet but it helped keep us connected.


  1. Sounds like you had some positives despite the flood! i hate it when I find myself phone-less! I can't live without it.

  2. Sounds like the good was very good. But flooding is always horrible. Do you think the landlord is trying to get you to move?

    Great on the mini playtime, may there be much more to come.

    1. PK no he's not trying to get us to move at least not as far as we know...he's just not the brightest bulb in the bunch..he did not put the rent money away - instead he went to concerts and took trips....... now there's problems he has no money to fix it (which is NOT my problem!)

  3. So sorry to hear about the flooding. I hope your landlord comes back to you with a plan to fix it properly.

    I love your outside Christmas decs.


  4. Glad you had some joy, time with family and play time in amongst the stress. The decorations look awesome:)

    Hope the rental board can help with getting resolution on the flooding.


  5. I like your door hangings. Good luck with the landlord. But I hope you have even better luck with your plans to find your own place


  6. Morningstar,

    Aside from the soggy basement, I am glad you had a fun day!

    I hope the landlord fixes your issue fast!

    1. thanks Boo - so good to see you popping in again

  7. is it still your old landlord? Or has the new owner taken over? I wonder if the new owner of the building KNOWS about the bad leak problem!


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