Thursday, November 04, 2021

Early Morning Visitor



So - we have a sump pump cause the basement is always wet.

So - the city decided (when they were here checking something else) that the sump pump hadn't been put in with a permit and therefore wasn't allowed.  UGH! (note - we didn't put it in)

The plumber arrived at 7 am to remove the sump pump............. 7 AM!!!  I haven't had my second cup of coffee....... the lil one is just eating breakfast...... the dog went ballistic cause there were strangers in the house.  (and after today we won't have a sump pump and we still have a damp/leaky basement)

And sooooo Thursday begins........... 


  1. I don't know the cost or the time it might take, but I think you should get a permit and have another sump pump installed. It's stupid to have to and aggravating as hell. But I bet you're going to need that pump.

  2. Ugh, city councils suck!! How annoying. I'm with PK.


  3. What?! This sounds like a prime example of government logic. Why does it need to be pulled out rather than just pay a fee and have it adjusted to meet the code. Best of luck for a quick resolve.


  4. Most people around here just use free standing cellar pumps. They are not expensive, you don't need a plumber to instal them and if there is a chance of anyone nosing around, you can just unplug it and put it in a cupboard until they are gone


  5. you need a permit for a sump pump??? I've never heard of that. I have one and it gives me great peace of mind!No idea if there is a permit for it as it was here when i bought the house.


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