Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Old Traditions



Does anyone else remember the Sears Wish Book?? It used to arrive in the mail around the beginning of November.  My girls would pour over it for hours and hours..... eldest daughter used to circle everything she wanted in preparation for her letter to Santa. 

Our lil one doesn't really watch any TV - and certainly not commercial TV (usually movies on the Disney Channel when we do watch TV with her) AND of course no Sear's Wish book!  This lack of exposure to the commercial side of Christmas has it's pro's and con's.  Writing a letter to Santa has been difficult to put it mildly.  She had NO idea what she wanted for Christmas!!  No idea what the newest "must have" toys were.  Remember the cabbage doll craze?? I do - we had a helluva time getting them for each of our girls!!  

You'd think that would make Christmas a whole lot less stressful.  You'd be wrong!  cause how do you buy a lil one the BEST present EVER! if you don't know what the BEST present EVER is for her??!!

Yesterday a catalogue arrived in the mail......... a CHRISTMAS TOY catalogue from Amazon!!  I was SO excited! you'd think I was the kid!!

and better than the  Sear's catalogue - this one comes with activity pages and stickers and a place to write your list!! 

Here's to updated Christmas traditions.


  1. I love this! I want one even though we have no kids around. I used to go through the Sears wish book and choose my favorite thing on each page. I saved the two big catalogues and the wish books from the years my kids were born. It's like a time capsule, fashions, toys and prices from the year they were born.

    1. how clever PK to save them !! I wish I had saved ours - they were so earmarked from the girls going through them - honestly right up till the 25th!!!

  2. Hi Morningstar, we never had wish books here that I can recall and as sad as it may seem (it didn't at the time), I don't think we wrote a list to Santa either. However we were never disappointed. Our parents were onto it. We were exposed to various storecatalogues and commercial TV though.

    Love that the Amazon catalogue also includes activity pages.


  3. It was the Argos catalogue for us. I like the idea of the Amazon catalogue, though. Do they do one for kinky adults too? :)



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