Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Moving towards 'Normal'



I am trying to move forward to a new normal....... no not just me but Sir Steve as well.  (though truthfully I think a lot of his attitude has been based on protecting me - dialing down my anxiety)

This weekend was kind of a EUREKA moment when I realized how many small steps toward normal we have taken.

When COVID hit we started ordering take out food on the weekends - supporting our local restaurants we said.  We went from maybe one meal a weekend to ordered in food Friday/Saturday AND Sunday. We were doing more than our part to support local.

Then we had been having second thoughts about renting... (some small problems with our landlord).......... and then he sold the house.  He sold it as an investment property which really doesn't mean a thing because if the new landlord wants to move in to our little home he can simply give us 3 months notice.  GAH!!  We started to seriously consider buying a home.......... one problem we need a down payment and we opted to buy a new bigger better trailer for the country cause we didn't need or want to own a house in the city.  GAH!!

Needless to say we sat down to discuss budgets........ and saving.  Saving every spare penny in the hope that we can buy a quirky (it has to be quirky - both Sir Steve and I don't want a cookie cutter house) lil home in the near future.  

First expense to cut......... ordering in.  It boggled my mind how much money was going out every single weekend on 'junky' food.   I'm not going to lie - making 3 more meals a week was discouraging..... weekends had been my 'time off' ........... BUT Sir Steve loves to cook so this weekend found us both in the kitchen contributing to meals.  Pizza was one of our favourite go to ordered in meals....... I made a 'from scratch' pizza....... the house smelled heavenly while the dough was rising.............. and it wasn't half bad!!  The only problem I had was the crust was crispy..... I'm not a fan of crispy pizza crust - like my crust thick and doughy.  IF anyone has any tried and true doughy crust recipes/hints please please leave me a comment!!!

I made steak subs (ok ok so the meals aren't that healthy!  but they were good and a whole lot cheaper!!)

 We also decided to drive up to our butcher in the country and order a whack load of meat - enough to hopefully get us through the winter.  Ordering that much meat is - yes - an outlay of a large amount of money - BUT in the long run it saves money....... cause I am not running out to the local grocer buying meat on the spur of the moment.  Never mind that the butcher's meat is mostly organic and definitely fresh.  (he owns the slaughter house as well and only sells locally raised meat)


So we are taking positive steps forward...... finding our new normal........ and to be honest - even though our numbers are rising and even though I am going to have to get a booster shot after the Holidays - I am feeling calmer and less anxious.  Yay for having new goals - and moving forward........


  1. Hi Morningstar, good on you for cutting the ordering in. The pizza and subs look awesome:) I'm sure you and Sir Steve can find ways to have fun in the kitchen:) Rick and I enjoy cooking together.

    It's amazing how much money goes on food, and takeaways in particular. Buying sweet stuff is my nemesis, cakes, slices, muffins etc.


  2. It is always good to have a goal to aim for. And that steak sub looked delicious, I hope it tasted as good as it looked


  3. I hope you guys are able to find the perfect home for you. It is easy to forget how much it cost to grab something out - but I really, really hate to cook. Finding a new normal... I guess that's something we all need to start looking for.

  4. Anonymous10:34 pm

    A great recipe for soft dough for pizza, scrolls etc. is to mix 1 cup of Greek yoghurt with 1 cup of all purpose flour. Mix it until well combined and either roll or pat it to size. Let it sit a while if you have time, then bake. When cooked but not brown at the edges remove from the oven, top with desired toppings then bake until ready.

    Good luck with the budgeting and house hunting.

  5. Houses are so expensive nowadays, but you'll get there.
    We rarely order in or get takeout. The exception is when I go to the blood donor clinic. I pick up a Subway sub on the way home and we have it for lunch.

    Why not buy a prebaked pizza shell from the grocery store? I use pitas for individual pizzas. When I make pizza in the Ninja grill, i buy a bag of pizza dough, divide it into four balls, then make four pizzas one at a time. The charred dough smells heavenly.



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