Friday, November 05, 2021

Dream Home



So my question today is - do you have a dream home?? something you dream owning?? OR are you already in your dream home?

All my adult life I have lived in a house that I owned - me and the bank that is.  But that's not to say I didn't still have a 'dream house'.  Actually I flipped between 2 dream homes......... 

The first dream home was a loft in Old Montreal. 


I had visited one once - and fell in love with all the brick walls - the beams - the high ceilings....... the living right in the center of town 

The other dream home was a farm house style home..... 

 an older home - with quirky detail.  I do love quirky!!  It has to have a big porch on the front...... and a HUGE kitchen .... and maybe? a secret door or two?  (When I was much younger there was an old farm house near us... abandoned and probably condemned - but we kids didn't care we loved to play inside.  That house had a secret door that opened to a secret staircase that led to the second floor)

But awhile back I decided owning was not for me anymore - I rented and loved the freedom...... no more fussing when something broke - call the landlord ... no more worrying about travelling ... just lock up and go...

So when I moved here to be closer to Sir Steve and my daughters..... I looked in the East End cause the homes/apartments were older and quirkier.  My apartment was very quirky and old.... it was a lower duplex with a HUGE farm style kitchen.  It even had a walk in pantry!  There was a small cupboard style door in one of the walls.... and when I opened it  -- an ironing board folded out!
Sir Steve's lower duplex was huge!  and old with large moldings around the rooms and doors.  AND we have the nice big porch/deck out the front.

BUT I still have my dream homes............ 

Do you have a dream home? what does it look like?


  1. I love how you describe your dream homes Morningstar, both scenarios appeal to me.

    We have a saying here that home ownership is the kiwi dream. It was achievable until recent years. House prices have soared making it very difficult for first home buyers in particular.

    I guess my focus was on ownership rather than my dream home. I have owned most of my adult life.


    1. ohhhhhhhhhh Roz tell me about soaring house prices... covid has driven the market through the roof .... and personally I think it would be crazy to buy an inflated house to only possibly lose your shirt sometime down the road

  2. Our current home suits me just fine. But I have to admit, a country cottage with a huge eat-in kitchen, a big fireplace in the lounge, and stables and a paddock out back does entice me.


    1. ahhhhhhhh Hermione a horse lover eh?? :)

  3. I love your description of the old farm house - I would love that. We own because Nick bought this place way before we were married. Slowly we've made it very nice and I don't want to move. But my dream home is a place in the mountains with a fire place and a big deck over looking a valley where I could watch storms roll in at times.

    1. Mountains brings an immediate response of BRRRR no way.... cause up here mountains mean long snowy winters :)

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in an old century home with lots of rooms, HUGE kitchen (with a FIREPLACE)- stone walls with deep window embrasures.... i found it last year - it was in rough shape (LOTS of cosmetic work but bones were solid)- in Deseronto which was even MORE perfect - closer to my kids in toronto but there was ALREADY an offeron it- I sweated, prayed,was ready to sacrifice to the gods but it wasn't meant to me - still feel raw about it.

    1. ohhhhhhh selkie that sounds magnificent! What a disappointment you weren't able to get it. kinda like what we are going through - we found a delightful house built in 1900 definitely needs work - but then Sir Steve used to own his own reno business......

      Unfortunately for us right now - it just isn't the right time to buy.... :(

  5. I love your description of your dream houses. The country one appeals to me. For me my dream house is right by the Mediterranean ocean with a large deck so I can sit there in the evenings with a glass of wine and look out to sea.


    Sorry about deleted comment x

    1. don't worry about the deleted comment it's gone :)

      a home by the Mediterranean sounds amazing!!


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