Saturday, November 20, 2021

Week from Hell


 Remember I told you our landlord has sold our lil home??? Welllllllll there were outstanding work permits that he had to get completed before the signing date.  One of those permits was for an 'illegal - not to code' sump pump. Do you know what a sump pump does?? it pumps water out of the basement.  The sump pump was removed.  Do you see a problem with this?

Yeah........ I went downstairs two weeks ago - after a week of rain  - to 2 inches of water in the basement!!!  We called the landlord.  He conveniently ignored us for days........... I guess he was hoping it would dry up on it's own.  BUT it has been raining here for days now....... 

This past Tuesday the landlord showed up to install a pool pump?! to pump out the basement.  ok seemed like a good idea....... sort of.

The landlord asked if I would be home on Wednesday cause the city inspectors were coming in to make sure the pump was gone and everything was closed up properly.  I agreed to adjust my schedule to be home...... (I have done that for our landlord frequently - whenever he has needed work done....... this way he doesn't have to take time off work) 

The inspectors arrived - but not my landlord.  GAH!  They were pissy cause he wasn't answering his phone.  I tried to appease them while trying to reach the landlord - they weren't going to give an inch..... so they came in to do their inspection.  I reached the landlord who lost his sh*t with me!!!  told me to 'make them call him' ....... REALLY??!!  They weren't having any of it......... The landlord got absolutely abusive with me.  I couldn't believe it!!  After all I had done - and Sir Steve too for that matter - and he's abusive with me.  I gave him a piece of my mind and announced I refused to talk to him further.  

On Thursday I messaged Sir Steve at work.  The swimming pool pump wasn't working it was overheating.  I had turned it off.  I  just sat in the living room and shook.  My anxiety levels were going through the roof.  I felt so damn helpless.  About 30 minutes later Sir Steve walked in the door.  

There is one thing about our basement - something I have questioned over the last 5 years.  There is a trough in the basement - filled with gravel?!!  I have suggested that our water problem might be coming from there.............. yeah well no one listened to me.  Until now.  On Thursday Sir Steve went out and bought some special cement that will harden even if it's wet!  He messaged the landlord and told him he owed him a day's pay AND the expense for the supplies.  Amazing how fast the landlord showed up....... 

Yesterday I had to keep running downstairs and turning on the pump - cause it stops working when the water gets low......... and the motor heats up.  Sir Steve (god bless him) has been using his shop vac to suck up the extra water.  BUT of course overnight the basement just fills up again.

This weekend - which was supposed to be a fun time of getting the Christmas decorations set up outside - and running down to Montreal for my grandson's birthday.... is now going to be spent with Sir Steve vacuuming up the water and digging up the trough - making cement and filling the trough in.  All in the hope that this will stop our water problem.  

Do you have any idea how stressed I am ?? Sir Steve too.......... GOD I'm not proud of this - but damn I want pay back........ so badly...................... 


  1. I can't see how all this is the problem of yourself and Sir Steve. Surely it is up to the landlord to deal with the authorities and carry out work on the property. It sounds like having to move out might be a good thing in the long run. Especially as you have a landlord that cannot live up to his duties


  2. Oh Morningstar, what an ass your landlord is! It's not fair and it certainly shouldn't be your problem or Sir Steve's. Although I get that it's you that have to deal with the fallout. The landlord needs to get his s#@t together and solve the problem properly.


  3. Wow.....I disappear for a few weeks and look what happens!

    I'm so sorry Morningstar! That is just awful!


  4. Yikes!

    I agree with Prefectdt. Why is this your problem? It's between the inspectors and landlord. Get yourselves away from there asap.



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