Thursday, November 25, 2021

Bright Spot



I found a little bright spot in all the darkness around here yesterday.  

I had an appointment at something called Service Ontario - it's kind of a government middle man between the tenant and the rental board.  I didn't expect much to happen when I went to my appointment.  Figured they would check the forms - take my money - and send me on my way.

BUT the chap I dealt with was so kind!!  He couldn't believe what we had been living through.  He pointed out that he was just the middle man - but he would see what he could do to move things along.  He suggested some DIY's to fix the flooding - but we've tried them all.  He went through the papers and documentation - praised me for being so organised (surprise surprise!)  Then he said he was going to fax all the paperwork to the Rental Board so they would receive the paper work immediately.  Then he sent the hard copies via Purolator Express so the Board will get the paper work today.  It will still take 3 - 6 weeks BUT 3 - 6 weeks from yesterday ...... not sometime next week.  HEY!!  even a few days help.  He wished me luck when we were done.  I felt so validated ya know?!  

Then when I got home there was a contractor working on the back stairs for the upstairs unit.  (it was rotted away - and couldn't be used.  Our best guess is a condition of the sale was that the stairs be fixed)  I got talking to him.. really nice guy.  He told me he was in the process of totally renovating another property just down the street from us.  We're going to see the property tomorrow after Sir Steve gets home from work.  I'm not sure what the rent will be - and if we can afford it........... but we're gonna go look.

Best case scenario is the rental board steps in - our basement flooding gets fixed and we can stay here and save our pennies so we can buy our own place and deal with our own problems ourselves - not have to rely on someone else.

All of it just kinda gave me hope ya know?! A bright spot in our lives. 


  1. Looks like you're having a 'thanksgiving' day too. I'm happy you were listened to and I hope the system continues to work to help you.

  2. Hi Morningstar, I'm so glad to hear that you were listened to and that the guy you dealt with has started the ball rolling.


  3. It is always good to find a sympathetic ear. I hope that this leads to some positive action


  4. I love it when you find the one person who will help in some small way! It is such a joy to connect with that person.

    I hope the new place is better, I hope it only takes 3 weeks for an answer.

    I hope you can play and relieve some stress.

  5. That's such good news. I'm hoping that the renovated place you look at will be affordable.Get out of that swamp!



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