Monday, November 08, 2021



 We had a really good weekend - a busy weekend - and ohhhhhh so good!  


I am going to tell you about one aspect of how good a weekend it was today - the rest can wait.....

(a little back story)
Sir Steve has been dealing with chronic pain for about 4 years.. which got worse with each passing year.  It finally got to the point that it was interfering with every day life.  We stopped going for walks - running messages would be almost too much for him... and when it came to adult play time - well we adapted but fun times became less and less and when we did try to have fun times - it just wasn't the same ya know?!

About a month ago Sir Steve's doctor FINALLY sent him to a specialist ......... and he got new meds and is seeing an orthopedic doctor.  We had a couple of false starts with the meds - the meds were changed and slowly things have started to improve.  A couple of weeks ago we spent the day running messages and visiting family...... Sir Steve marvelled in the car on the way home how he had virtually no pain after a whole day on the go!!

Fast forward to this weekend........... 

Yesterday Sir Steve got THAT look - you know the LOOK - and told me to be naked in the bedroom in 10 minutes.  I filled up with tears (which threw him and he started to back pedal - till I assured him the tears were happy tears)

AND OMG!!  I got to see a hint of my Sadist again............. 

I had barely climbed into the bed when he was on top of me .... in control - taking what he wanted (OMG and what I wanted and have missed!)  He was strong again - I don't know how to explain better than that........ he was S.T.R.O.N.G. again!!  

After my body felt taken - used and abused in a good way!! And his body wasn't wracked with pain!!  

Honestly it felt like a miracle - I was sure what we had had was gone forever - but there's a glimmer of hope that MY Sadist may be coming back!  


(and just to be clear - it's not just the Sadist I want !  I want Sir Steve to be pain free in every day life - it's been so hard to watch him suffer )


  1. That's wonderful! I know your main concern is his being pain free - but the benefits to you personally sound amazing.

  2. Oh that is such fantastic news Morningstar. So very Happy to hear the doctor's have finally found the right meds for Sir Steve and that he is pain free.

    Woohoo on the benefits of being pain free :)


  3. I think that post deserves a major WOO-HOO!



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