Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Busy Days Ahead



I phoned that number for the Rental Board AND it was too good to be true.  (I kinda thought it might be)

I have to file a complaint with the local rental board first........ IF nothing happens THEN I can call them.  They were very nice - but nothing they could do.

So I d/led the form - and filled in all 8 pages.  GAH!!  Then I made an appointment to go over the forms - pay the fee - and submit them tomorrow at noon. I'm hoping the agent will take pity on me - and move our complaint to the top of the list.......... I'm about due for a change of luck no???

Anyway - if I go AWOL for a few days you can assume I'm up to my eye teeth in legal mumbo jumbo.  


  1. It's hard to juggle these stupid forms all the while bailing out the basement! Good luck to you.

  2. Ugh, red tape and forms! Wishing you the best Morningstar and crossing fingers things go smoothly and you don't get the run around.


  3. Good luck. I hope that it works out for you



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